21 Savage – Before He Was Famous

Before They Were Famous

21 Savage – Before He Was Famous

BEFORE 21 Savage would drop his tracks “Air It Out’, ‘Skrtt, Skrtt’, ‘Red Rag Blue Rag’, ‘One Foot’, ‘Woah’ & ‘Red Opps’ which would clcock in almost 20 Million Views.


BEFORE The Slaughter King would opt for a ‘Death Before Dishonour’ Tattoo on his forehead and a dager between his eyes.


BEFORE mixtapes ‘Free Guwop’ ‘The Slaughter Tape’ ‘Slaughter King’ and ‘Savage Mode’

BEFORE 21 Savage would develop a taste for Percosets after he got out of the hospital and would post pictures to Instagram of his favorite drink in a styrofoam cup.

BEFORE 21 Savage would collaborate with his idols Gucci Mane, Young Thug, Metro Boomin, T.I., Playboy Carti amongst many other artists.

21 Savage grew up on the mean streets of East Atlanta and witnessed his father dealing crack as far back as he can remember. At 14 he got his hands on drugs and began selling them himself, in fact he also got his hands on a gun and brought it to school with him in the 7th grade to teach a kid who was talking shit not to be messing around. This incident eventually got him kicked out of every middle school in the county. So this gave him more time to work on his street hustle. Through his teens he would build a tight knit gang known as ’21’, and they would also hook up with the Bloods, he was dealing out of his home and fathered two kids. Then on his 21st birthday him and his best friend Johnny got shot, 21 Savage took six bullets including one in his hand and in his neck but managed to make it out alive, his best friend wasn’t so lucky. It was then he decided he would need to find a new career and began taking rapping seriously. Within a year and half he would blow up online and make it onto the (Double) XXL Freshman List.

21 Savage was born Shayaa Joseph on October 22, 1992 in Dacatur a rough and tough neighbourhood outside of Atlanta Georgia. He has one younger brother named Tayman who was killed in 2014 and in his interview with DJ Vlad he spoke of an older mystery brother as well.

His mother it seems was the rock of stablity in life, his father a dealer who got involved in selling crack. His uncle was killed in front of their home shot twice in the head when he was only 11. 21 Savage has said it many a time that Atlanta is a savage town, people getting shot up. Mom’s dieing. I’d go into more detail about his family tree and friends but the dude has lost a ton of people.


Shayaa grew up listening to his idol Gucci Mane, Lotto Savage, Mookie, Madri Gra, Freaky D$MG. His favorite albums included Me, My Momma and Them Roaches, Live From Da Carter, Gucci Mane’s “East Atlanta 6” and his favorite of all is Gucci’s “Sun Valley”.

He spent his whole life robbing and hustling on the street getting started as far back as he can remember, he got his own hands on weed and began turning a profit at 14.


He had some beef in the seventh grade with another dude and when he caught word that they were planning to jump him he decided to bring a .25 pistol with him to school. The crew didn’t need to jump him anymore, instead they just snitched on him and Savage got expelled from school. His mom wasn’t happy and told him it was only a 10 day suspension so he eventually went back to school but he got in a fight in the hallway with that same dude.

He went back to school in the eigth grade, he played football while on probabtion but some messing around with some chicks on a school bus got him kicked out again and this time he was kicked out of attending any school in the county.

By now he had already established for himself a pretty successful business selling weed out of his mama’s house. Things were going pretty good, he was able to eventually buy his mom a car and then get her an apartment. I think he kept the house. His close boys all adopted the number of 21 as their gang name and at 16 opted for 21 tattoos, Savage got his on the side of his face.

At 19 his crew, including Johnny, Larry, Krusha, Rock, Lil B, CJ his bro Tayman got involved with the Bloods but Savage states that he is cool with a lot of Crips, and he doesn’t care much for the long lasting rivalry and stories between the two gangs and refers to that as an old school mentality.


Business must have been going well because he managed to father two kids that he states today are his motivation. He had done some dabbling with rap having made one song with his brother and had got his hands on a mac computer and a microphone. Then his brother Tayman robbed a house and found a better computer and microphone so Savege set those up in his room.

The logo for his crew was the dager, they discussed getting it tatted between their thumb and their index finger like Tony Montana.

They all made plans to get it done but his younger brother Tayman rushed out and opted to have it tatted between his eyes.

On his 21st birthday him and his best friend Johnny went to pick up but the situation quickly unfolded into what Shayaa now believes it was a hit. Bullets started flying and he took six before he was able to return fire. His friend Johnny didn’t make it. Not only that, his friends mother was killed as well.


Shayaa now a father had a lot of thinking to do while he recovered in the hospital. They also hooked him up with Percasets, and those delicious pain killers he hasn’t been able to get off them just yet.

I don’t know if I’m allowed to use this clip, it’s a black joke. ASK MATT.

He decided that his best bet at a future of success and staying alive would be if he fouced his energy into rapping. A few things had changes, for one 21 Savage had adopted the moniker of Savage which he came up with while setting up his Instagram account, also he was no longer taking any shit from no one.


21 Savage got to work, he had some money which provided him with the time but he had no label, no marketing team, no promotion team he just worked hard and spoke of the real street life that he had lived through. All of a sudden tragedy struck again. His little brother Tayman was killed on March 19 / 2014. Savage hadn’t yet gotten his dagger and opted to get his between his eyes in tribute to his brother.

His dark trap anthems like “Picky,” the DJ Plugg-produced single soon became a niche classic among Atlanta locals for its shaky, intoxicating energy. Soon his mixtape The Slaughter Tape was dropped in 2015. Followed by Free Guwop, Slaugher King and then he soon hooked up with Metro Boomin for Savage Mode.

21’s Savage end game is to make millions so he can improve the lives of those he came up with, including their families and make life in his rough and tough neighborhood for those he care about.


And for the rest of the story, well you know the story because this is Before They Were Famous.


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