Bill Nye – After He Was Famous

After They Were Famous

Bill Nye – After He Was Famous

AFTER Bill Nye starred in his hit PBS series, Bill Nye the Science Guy, which had 100 episodes in 5 series.

AFTER that same show was nominated for 23 Emmy awards, winning 19 of them.

AFTER Bill Nye became the world’s number one expert on bow ties.

Bill Nye the Science guy first became a television sensation and a staple in the classroom in 1993 when the first episode of Bill Nye the Science guy aired on PBS KCTS-TV. After the show’s last and hundredth episode in 1998, Bill continued in the entertainment industry, taking on smaller acting roles. He found love, or at least it seemed that way at first. He stepped out of his comfort zone and traded the test tubes for dancing shoes when he took a part in Dancing with the Stars in 2013. He’s even had his own court battle with ex-fiancee Blair Tindall; what celebrity bio is complete without a trip to the courthouse.

Bill Nye was Born William Sanford Nye on November 27, 1955, Bill grew up in a very technical family, which led him to have a strong interest in all things science. He took mechanical engineering at Cornell University and graduated with a Bachelors in Science. Afterwards he worked in Seattle at Boeing, the international aircraft manufacturer, and even sent applications to NASA several times, getting rejected each time. But because everything happens for a reason, whether through quantum physics of the universe or simply luck, Nye stayed in Seattle and entered the entertainment industry as a writer and actor on a sketch comedy show called Seattle Live, where he earned the nickname The Science Guy after doing a series of scientific experiments on a segment of the show.

He then went on to have a role in 1991 on the television show Back to the Future: The Animated Series. The series was so popular that it lead to Bill having his own show: Bill Nye the Science Guy. 

The show had 100 episodes in 5 seasons that aired from 1993 to 1998, breaking down and explaining topics such as gravity, digestion, and space exploration. Along with winning the hearts of all elementary students in America cramming for their science quizzes, and even most high schoolers to be honest, the show won 19 Emmy Awards and Bill himself took home 7 of those. But all good things must come to an end; the show aired its last episode in 1998, and since then Bill has taken on other projects, putting his fame to good use. 

In 2005 Bill attempted another science show, this time aimed at teens and adults, called The Eyes of Nye.

The show covered heftier topics such as the DNA of race and the evolution of sex. It was broadcasted by KCTS, but its affiliate PBS, which broadcast the original Science Guy, turned down The Eyes, stating the show was not serious and in-depth enough for what they were looking for. First NASA, now PBS, this guy has to deal with a fair bit of rejection.

Our favourite science man finally had a little chemistry himself when he spontaneously announced one night when he was on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson that he was engaged! Soon enough on February 6 2006, Bill wed musician and motivational speaker Blair Tindall, his fiancée of five months. The ceremony was performed by famous pastor Rick Warren, and the music was provided by YoYo Ma. Now, although the guy knows how to do fancy science experiments, apparently he didn’t quite know how to do marriage—literally. Shortly after the wedding, the newlyweds received a letter from the State of California that the marriage license was void, and the marriage wasn’t real. Tindall kinda freaked out over this, and the couple broke up. She then decided to pour weed killer all over the rose garden behind their house, so that Bill could never give another woman flowers, and she even stole his laptop to send defamatory emails pretending to be Bill. Following this, and understandably so, Bill got a restraining order against her. But here’s where The Science Guy becomes the Not-So-Nice guy: Sources close to Tindall claim that the reason Bill attempted to marry Blair was because her credit rating was better than his, and she could sign for and finance the new house they just bought. Basically, “Hey, I love you, let’s get married, sign for this house, oops marriage is fake, sorry, get out of MY house”.

Bill ended up taking Blair to court to sue her for the 57 thousand dollars in legal feels he accumulated reinforcing his restraining order. She has not paid any of it to date, and unlikely has any money left to do so after financing THEIR house. 

To take a break from duking it out in court, Bill decided to try his hand at dancing when he joined the cast of Dancing with the Stars season 17. He was partnered with Tyne Stecklein who was new to the show, and unfortunately they only lasted 3 weeks before Bill was eliminated due to a tendon injury. And honestly if it wasn’t for the injury, he probably wouldn’t have lasted very long anyway.

Another big Bill moment came in 2014, when Bill went head to head in a debate of evolution vs creationism with Christian fundamentalist Ken Hamm. While Hamm debated that creationism was a reasonable explanation for the origin of life, Nye made his point very clear that the belief in creationism was bad for education, bad for the US, and bad for humankind. And things got pretty heated.

In 2015, Bill was awarded with an honorary doctorate of science from Simon Fraser University; he didn’t even have to go to class for it. 

As for the rest of the story, well we will have to wait and see, because this is After They Were Famous.


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