Christy Mack – After She Was Famous

After They Were Famous

Christy Mack – After She Was Famous

AFTER Christy Mack would pick up an XBIZ Award in 2015 for Best New Starlet.

AFTER Christy Mack would star in over 100 Adult Films including The Dark Knight Porn Parody, Inked Angels and Hot Body Ink.

AFTER Christy Mack was violently attacked and beaten nearly to death by her ex boyfriend Jon ‘War Machine’ Koppenhaver.

AFTER YouTuber Michael McCrudden would document War Machines flight, the manhunt and his capture.

Christy Mack is an adult performer and starlet who always stood out from the pack with her mohawk-inspired hairdo and head to toe tattoes. But even before her rise to fame due to her work that can be seen on the internet at places such as m porn, it seemed as though Mack was always destined for big things. By the age of 21 she learned to capitalize on her unique look, and had become one of the biggest names in the industry. It was at a Hustler photo shoot where she first crossed paths with MMA fighter War Machine – that’s his legal name. A romance was jump started between the two, one that soon turned into domestic abuse and in the end almost cost Christy Mack her life.

After a lengthy recovery process and multiple surgeries I am happy to report that Christy Mack is putting her life back together, she looks fantastic, she’s got a new man, she is promoting various charities and causes but will she return to porn?

Christy Mack was born on May 9, 1991 in South Chicago Heights, Illinois. She got her first tattoo at the age of 15 and her first job in high school was holding a sign in a Gorilla costume. Locked in at 19 to a future as a stay at home wife living in Edinburgh, Indiana, population 5000. It was a few tattoo modeling pics that opened doors for Christy to build a name and career for herself at the age of 21.

It didn’t take long for her modeling career to blossom into a porn career and within her first year she racked up as many as 14 credits on IMDB in such classics as Tits To Die For 2, Party of Three Part 4, Hall Pass Ass, GF Revenge Part 7. But it was her role in the big budgeted Porn Parody The Dark Knight XXX that put her on the map.

By 2013 Christy Mack was a bonafide star collecting nominations and taking home awards. That same year she fell in love with MMA Fighter ‘War Machine’, a relationship that started off on rocky ground.

At the time War Machines was being moved around the UFC and other MMA organizations and was apparently toying with the idea of doing porn himself. He also served time in prison and on probation for a number of charges including a bar fight where he went after both a man and woman. Something Christy wouldn’t come to know till later.

The two fell in love fast, Christy who is clearly a fan of Tattoo’s opted for a ‘Property of War Machine’ tattooed on her shoulder. She was soon spotted ringside as her man fought in Vegas but after four of five months into their relationship, his aggression was turned from his opponents onto her. The first time Christy though that it would never happen again, but that certainly wasn’t the case. Due to War Machines dislike of her work she stopped doing porn but nothing she could do would curve his temper. Throughout 2014 they were on and off and on and then officially off but War Machine still possessed a key to her home.

On Aug 8th 2014 War Machine burst into her Las Vegas home and first attacked her friend Corey Thomas and then turned on Christy. She has previously described the events of this horrific night in an interview with HBO’s Real Sports.

War Machine had not only attempted to rape Christy he had also used a knife to cut off her hair. He disappeared elsewhere in the house allowing Christy just enough time to crawl to her neighbours, naked, bleeding, hysterical she screamed at their window. They didn’t let her in but they did phone the police. War Machine then fled and a manhunt was launched to get him into custody. Dog The Bounty Hunter had even joined the cause. After days of the man evading arrest and taunting Christy with delusional tweets of him being the actual victim of this attack he was finally captured. While in prison he attempted to take his own life.

After countless rumours and even slut shaming taking place online Christy Mack responded by posting photos of her face and body that were spread across new and traditional media around the globe.

Christy had a long road to recovery ahead of her, her liver had been ruptured from punches and kicks to her body — the liver injury was so bad that doctors opted to not operate on her face because they worried she couldn’t handle being put under anesthesia. She had 18 broken bones, a broken nose, multiple missing and broken teeth, and a fractured rib.

It took some time before Christy made her first public appearance,

She announced that she would be retiring from work in adult film, at least for now. Instead she would focus on her health and the various charities she supports including; breaking the silence where she speaks out against domestic abuse.

On top of all this Christy has release MackMoji, a serious of personalized emoji’s featuring images of women with black eyes and busted lips in order to bring attention to fellow victims. There are also some hot as hell Christy Mack stylized emoji’s of course – and a portion of every app download will be donated to the Break the Silence foundation.

This is all pretty remarkable stuff but on top of this Christy also had the courage to attend a pretrial in to state the history of violence she experienced at the hand of War Machine.

His response was to smile and laugh at her which the judge took note of publically. His trial has been pushed to September of 2016 where he could face a sentence of life in prison. Christy states that she will be there to testify.

As for her fans who want to know what she has planned for the future… Christy will continue make personal appearances and she has even started feature dancing aka stripping for fans – but don’t get too excited. She’s already got a new boyfriend and he looks tough as nails.

As for the rest of the story, well we will have to wait and see becauase this is AFTER they were famous.


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