Eazy E – Before He Was Dead

Before They Were Dead

Before Eazy-E would be considered the ‘Godfather of Ganster Rap.’

Before Eazy-E would rub shoulders with Guns & Roses, Kid N Play, Janet Jackson and even George H. W. Bush at the White House.

Before Eazy-E would father 7 children with 6 different women.

The son of a postal worker and school administrator young Eric Wright had a fairly solid home life growing up in Compton, regardless he saw more opportunity dealing drugs on the street and dropped out of school in the 10th grade.

After his cousin was killed dealing drugs he decided he needed to make money through a legitimate business and had been long been interested in making music as a hobby.

He hooked up with Dre and Ice Cube dropping as much as quarter million to get N.W.A. up and running, his investment paid off. But his same business savvy also led to the demise of the group, his beef with Ice and Dre a feud that would be put aside when Eazy-E got his diagnosis as H.I.V. positive, he died from AIDS-related complications on March 26, 1995. How he contracted the disease was never determined but a lot of people are looking in Suge Knights direction.

Eric Wright was born on September 7, 1963, in Compton, California. His father, Richard Wright, who worked as a postal worker and his mother, Kathie Wright, who worked as a grade school administrator.

Eric lost his virginity at 12 and got going in gang culture as young as 13, picking up the street name Eazy-E and becoming a member of the Kelly Park Compton Crips. His cousin was doing well for himself selling drugs, mainly weed.

Although Eazy-E was from a stable household he quickly took to selling drugs while living at home, he was also recording records in his parent’s garage. Business was going so well he opted to drop out of William Howard Taft Charter High School in the 10th grade. Eric would father his first of several children at the age of 20.

Being short in stature Eazy-E showed a great mind for business and leadership amassing as much as a quarter million dollars by the age of 22. Then his cousin was shot and Eazy-E decided that he needed to diversify his business plans.

He had always been into the hip hop scene and has it in his head that rap would be his next option. It wasn’t till he bailed a hard working local DJ by the name of Dr. Dre from prison did he start making moves in the industry.

Dre & Ice Cube had a deal lined up that fell through, instead Eazy-E would drop 12 K on the single ‘Boyz In The Hood.’

This early success had Eazy-E set up Ruthless Records as well as start up his partnership with Jerry Heller, the  former manager of Journey, Otis Redding, The Who,

Black Sabbath and many others. With other rap artists such as DJ Yella and the D.O.C. joining the act, the group released its debut album, N.W.A. and the Posse, in 1987, this time Eazy-E had invested as much as a quarter million but would see a milliondollars in return.

The next year the group dropped, Straight Outta Compton, The disc, went on to earn double platinum sales, also contained the track “F— tha Police,” which resulted in the FBI sending a letter to Ruthless Records. The group was at their peak of their success but it seems Eazy-E was getting all the recognition and profits.

He and he alone was invited to the white house in 1991 to meet with the then president George W.H. Bush. As the story goes Ice Cube would walk and soon after Dr. Dre followed.

To get out of his contract Dre enlisted the help of his body guard Suge Knight who convinced Eazy-E of the release with the help of some baseball bats and lead pipes.

Eazy-E was now a solo act and releasing ‘It’s On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa’ followed by Str8 off tha Streetz of Muthaphukkin Compton.

The three original N.W.A. members were exchanging blows with both Ice Cube and Dr. Dre on tracks, on national television and in their public appearances.

Ice Cube even had director John Singleton include a common street thug trying to steal a gold chain while wearing a We Want Eazy sweatshirt in, Boyz in the Hood.

Eazy-E was working on solo material as well as hosting a radio show, he also made an appearance on In Living Colour, 1994. Then suddenly his health quickly began to decline.

In 1995, after Eazy was hospitalized for what was thought was asthma, it was learned that the rapper had contracted AIDS.

At a Hollywood news conference on March 17, 1995, Eazy-E told the world that he had AIDS.

Rapper Frost who was signed to Eazy-E’s Ruthless Records recently went public on his belief on how Eazy E caught the dealy disease.

Frost says that Eazy-E hurt himself riding 4-wheelers and that’s why he was getting acupuncture. He says that someone ordered the injection of the tainted needles.

While in critical condition at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Eazy-E and his long-time girlfriend Tomica Woods – who was pregnant with the couple’s second child – neither Tomica nor the child had contracted the disease.

Eazy-E died on March 26, 1995 one month after the initial diagnosi. At his funeral, more than 3,000 people were in attendance. Only DJ Yella from N.W.A paid their respects.

Eazy-E was buried in a gold casket. Instead of a suit and tie, he was dressed in a flannel shirt, jeans and had a Compton hat on.



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