50 Cent Before He Was Famous

Before They Were Famous

50 cent Before He Was Famous

50 Cent Songs

Before he would drop the Birthday Anthem ‘In Da Club’ & His debut Album Get Rich Or Die Tryin.

Before he would feud with Ja Rule, The Game, Rick Ross and pick a fight with industry as a whole with his early track ‘How To Rob.’

50 Cent & Vivica Fox

Before he dated Vivica Fox, Chelsea Handler and Ciara.

50 Cent Bankruptcy

Before he was 2nd next to Jay Z on the 2007 Hip Hop Cash Kings list but then filed for Bankruptcy in 2015 – leaving everyone saying ahhhh 50 you must be playin!

Curtis Jackson AKA Boo Boo

Curtis Jackson began selling drugs at the age of twelve and was known on street corners as Boo Boo. He had taken after his mother who had him at 15, she too was a street hustling drug dealer who was killed when Curtis was just 8. After avoiding prison and instead sent to a military boot camp where he decided he would make it as a rapper and talked his way into a deal with Run DMC’s Master Jay.

50 Cent Shot

Oh – ya and the dude survived getting hit by nine bullets at close range in 2000.

50 Cent Born

Curtis Jackson in Queens, NY, on July 6, 1975, and was raised by his single mother, a crack dealer, who left him with his grandparents to raise him while she took to the streets. She would shower her son in gifts from her earnings up until she was killed via poison. He never knew his father.

50 Cent Boxing

He began boxing at about age 11, a skill set that would come in handy seeing as he took to the streets at 12 selling crack hanging with kids in their late teens. He would tell his parents he was in after school classes.

His secret came to an end when he got caught by a metal detactor at Jackson Andrew High School when he was in the tenth grade for carrying a weapon, the cops also found on him drugs. This resulted in him having to go to rehab.

Boxing taught him how to handle himself. He also got his hands on a gun and was a pretty dominant force on the streets.

50 Cent Drugs

He was dealing both Crack, Cocaine and Heroine and recalls bringing in as much as $5K a day. So who needs school anyway – I’m just kidding kids.

At 17, Jackson was arrested after selling four vials of cocaine to an undercover police officer. He was arrested again three weeks later, when police searched his home and found heroin, ten ounces of crack cocaine and his starting pistol.

Things weren’t looking good and he was sentenced to three to nine years in prison, miraculously, due to his age he was given a reduced sentence and was shipped off to a SHOCK incarceration, a boot camp and rehab centre – there he also earned his GED.

Following this Curtis returned to what he knew how to do, sell drugs but he knew he couldn’t do this forever and figured rapping would be his future.

Figuring that he had seen enough stuff he would know how to tell a story he led with that when he bumped into Jam Master Jay and bragged that he was gonna be the biggest name in rap.

It was also mandatory for him to come up with career plans for his probation officer.

It worked, and he was invited into the studio were he just spat out a ton of lyric’s and but was missing a hook – Jay put Curtis through Rap school, teaching him how to count bars, write choruses, structure songs and make records and they signed him to their label.

50 Cent adopted his moniker from a Brooklyn stick up artist who had died in 1987. There are a few different stories regarding why he was called 50 cent, apparently he would rob anyone no matter how little on them they had, he was also tiny in stature and once turned .50 cents in a dice game into $500.

50 cent son Marques

Around this time, Curtis had his son Marques and was eager to make the rap game work.

There were two years there where nothing was happening until he found a Columbia Records executive and sprung his tape on him in his car. They sent him to an upstate New York studio, where he produced thirty-six songs in two weeks for the album, Power Of The Dollar.

Another two years past, meanwhile 50 had a family to feed and he was back on the streets hustling. Fed up, 50 pumped out a track titled How To Rob beefing with the music industry and picked apart every other successful rapper from the time and Jay-Z responded.

50 Cent and Ja Rule Beef

There was a more personal and physical beef brewing between 50 and Ja Rule. Soon after there was the shooting outside his grandmothers house in Queens where 50 took 9 bullets including one to the face while sitting in a friends car.

50 Cent shot by Darryl “Hommo” Baum

50 has long maintained that Darryl “Hommo” Baum was the man who shot, Hommo was found dead 2 or 3 weeks later.

50 Spent 13 days in the hospital, used a walker for six weeks, and fully recovered after five months in fact he started bulking up. More bad news was looming, he was dropped by Columbia and had to fly to Canada to record new music. 50 recorded over thirty songs for mixtapes. Jackson’s released Guess Who’s Back? In 2002 and this one made it’s way to Eminem.

50 Cent & Eminem

Eminem flew 50 Cent to Los Angles to meet with him and Dr. Dre, they signed him for $1 Million dollar deal. 50 dropped No Mercy, No Fear and finally – Get Rich Or Die Trying.

And the rest of the story, well you know the story, cause this is Before They Were Famous.


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