Abigail Ratchford Before Fame

Before They Were Famous

Before Abigail Ratchford dropped jaws with her sultry photoshoots, whacktastic curves, and those 36 DD’s.

Before her jiggling would mesmerize 2.6 million fans on Facebook, and a whopping 4.5 million on Instagram.

Before Abigail’s online fame was estimated to have earned her a net worth to over 3 million dollars.

Before Abigail Ratchford attracted the attentions of the son of billionaire Jamie Iovine, and had athletes like LA Lakers Carlos Boozer flooding her DM.

Before the burger chain In and Out would threaten the Curve queen with legal action over a video involving her and their products that got a little messy.

Abigail was the fifth of seven children growing up in the small town of Scranton Pennsylvania. While in university she got a taste of modeling . But she’s not just a pretty face, and the young hottie made moves to brand herself into a sex goddess. For the record fellas Abigail is another babe who doesnt’ want you sending her your dick pics something – oh and In & Out you guys made a terrible terrible mistake! In & Out Abigail Ratchford would be a promo that would bring in a lot of hungry customers.

Abigail Ratchford was born on February 12 1992 in Scranton Pennsylvania. Yeah, finally Scranton actually has a claim to fame other than The Office.

The bombshell gets her exotic looks from her Irish, German and French ancestors. Her dad is an attorney and her mom runs a day care program in the city. They also owned an ice cream shop at one point, and before Abey, the family’s claim to fame was when actor Richard Gere stopped by once for a cone.

She has 6 siblings and her oldest brother was the first to try modeling. He was able to book some Calvin Klein ads through an agency, and young Abi got to see the glamour that came along with being a model and it was something she wanted.

Growing up, she attended Catholic grade school and a Catholic high school. After graduating high school Abey attended a Jesuit University for a bit. She also started a business where you could hire hot ladies in cocktail dresses to bartend private functions, but the business needed a little too-much work, and Abi, well she’d rather focus the time on herself.

She started modeling when she was 20 for the Miss Pennsylvania pageant, but when she realized she was comfortable in front of a camera, not to mention smoking hot, she decided to pursue it even further.

Some of her early work has surfaced online with her posing in a blue bikini, a feathered hood and a black bra. These have inspired many a hater to call her out on not looking the same today.

The bootylicious beauty made a resolution in 2013 to lose a bit of weight, then on March 4, 2013 organized a pro photo shoot sporting nothing but some red lingerie and some Louboutin heels.

Those 36 DD’s stopped a whole lot of viewers in their tracks, and soon the pictures had been shared thousands of times. The knock out brunette’s bangin bod and bedroom eyes caught everyone’s attention.

Soon she was being contacted by agents and magazines around the world, from booking a 6 page spread in an Australian men’s magazine to interviews with Maxim. Abigail entered the Miss co-ed competition with the pics and rallied her Facebook followers to go vote for her. She ended up winning that competition.

Since then her life has been pretty hectic. So to keep up she writes her daily routine down, I mean everything. Eat, wash clothes, undress, shower. Abey also landed a contract with 138 water, the first fashion water since well I guess Smart Water.

Everyone wanted a piece of the young curvy model, and soon her social media was blowing up with millions of followers. In 2014, she made the move to Los Angeles and kicked up her modeling to the next level.

That year saw a whole lot more professional shoots, ads, and TMZ appearances come her way. She even beefed up her acting resume with an appearance on NBC’s Parks and Recreation. Then to celebrate when she hit 3 million, she stripped down to her birthday suit.

She has also teamed up with Playboy where they did a Baywatch inspired video shoot where she saved a blow up doll from the water.

Then there was her self planned In & Out Commercial, likely inspired by the success Carl’s Jr models have found in the past. This video mesmerized the world but had the fine folks at In & Out upset.

She is currently single, and the newest man in her life is a French bulldog called Gatsby. That’s one lucky pup. And as for the rest of the story you know it because this is before they were famous.


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