Adam Sandler Before He Was Famous

Before They Were Famous

Adam Sandler Before He Was Famous

BEFORE there was ever a Billy Maddison, a Happy Gilmore, a Lil Nicky, a Mr Deeds, a Big Daddy or a Zohan that she should never mess with.

BEFORE Adam Sandler would have his actor pals Peter Dante & Alex Corvet make cameo’s in almost all of his videos as well as Rob Schnieder and Kevin James & Steve Buchemi.

BEFORE Adam Sandler set up his own production company Happy Madison Productions with enough capital to make whatever movie idea and his pals can cook up.

BEFORE Adam would marry actress Jackie Titone in 2003 and the couple would have two daughters.

BEFORE Adam would release five comedy albums.

BEFORE Adam became a cast member on SNL in 1990 first as a writer then took the stage in 1991 and was fired in 95’.

MTV’s Remote Control

Adam Sandler’s actual first break was on the MTV show Remote Control, they needed a comedian who could play an array of comedic characters and the unknown comic booked the gig. He actually didn’t get into comedy until he was 17 after being persuaded by one of his seven siblings.

Adam Sandler on Saturday Night Life

At 24 Adam broke landed a writing gig on SNL as landed lead roles in Cone Heads, Air Heads before him and Chris Farley were fired from SNL likely do to defiance and their comedic brilliance.

Adam Sandler Born in Brooklyn in 1966

Adam was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1966, to Judith a nursery school teacher and Stanley Sandler, an electrical engineer. His father passed away in 2005 but lives on in his Happy Madison logo where he immortalized his old man.

Manchester, New Hampshire

At the age of six his family moved from Brooklyn to Manchester, New Hampshire. Growing up young Adam too busy being the class clown to really take any interest in his studies. He also loved playing sports and watching professional wrestling. Throughout his childhood he found out early on that he was also talented a both playing and writing his own songs – mainly goofy ones. His favorite baseball team was the New York Yankees. His favorite bands were Van Halen, The Police, and Styx which he usually has play during his movies.

His biggest strength and the talent he was most widely regardeded for was his knack for comedy. His brother Scott was astonished how easy it came to him without him putting in any work it just comes naturally for him.

Adam Sandler’s High School

He attended Manchester Central High School.

While in school he took up his brother Scott’s direction to try his luck on stage at a comedy club at clubs like Boston Club. He was also on his high school varsity basketball team.

Adam Sandler on the Cosby Show

Basketball was put on hold, Adam got accepted into the prestigious New York University Tisch School of the Arts where he studied Fine Arts, and Drama. While in the program he booked his first role of Smitty on the Cosby Show.

Adam Sandler’s University

Adam graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in 1988 and spent his free time doing more stand up. His act caught the attention of comedian Dennis Miller, and Colin Quin. It was Colin who was hosting MTV’s first ever game show Remote Control the gig Adam booked and introduced him to all of America.

Going Overboard

In 1989, he starred in his first film, Going Overboard

Dennis Miller was the man recommended Adam Sandler to Lorne Michaels for work on Saturday Night Live. He was quickly hired as a writer in 1990 and became a featured player the following year, making a name for himself by performing amusing original songs on the show, including “The Thanksgiving Song” and “The Chanukah Song”

Adam Sandler Movies

There was also his classic characters like Cajun Man, Opera Man and Canteen Boy. He also started his film career in Coneheas and Airheads but then would get fired alongside pal Chris Farley for unknown reasons.

Adam didn’t have to mourn because he had already filmed Billy Madison and it was time to see himself in the lead role of a feature film.

Billy Madison

Billy Madison with was made on a $10 Million dollar budget and would go on to earn $26.4 million worldwide and debuted at number one at the box office.

Happy Gilmore

Adam followed up with Happy Gilmore, which earned a whopping $41.2 million made on a budget of $12 million dollars. Followed by The Wedding Singer which turned an $18 million dollar budget into $123.3 in worldwide earnings.

With all this success Adam decided to star up his own production company titled Happy Madison where he could make not only all the movies he wanted but also help out a few of his friends – the first was Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo followed by Little Nicky and then The Animal.

Althought he would pick up as many as 9 Golden Rasberry Awards for Worst Actor & Worst Picture – I don’t think he really cares, he can do whatever he wants and we all show up to join in on the phone.

And the rest of the story, well you know the story, cause this is Before They Were Famous – on Adam Sandler.


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