Batman – Before He Was Famous

Before They Were Famous

Batman – Before He Was Famous

Before Batman would be the star of hundreds of movies, TV shows, comics, and video games.

Before he would be listed as second out of 50 on Empire magazine’s Greatest Comic Book Characters of All Time.

Before Bruce Wayne would be portrayed by the likes of George Clooney, Christian Bale, and Ben Affleck, to name a few.

Before he would partner with Robin and also be romantically involved with Julie Madison, Talia al Ghul, and Catwoman, to name a few.

Batman, known privately as Bruce Wayne, is a super hero designed by National Comics Publication, or as we know it, DC Comics. As a child, Bruce Wayne only had the best of everything in life, until one horrific day when he witnessed the brutal murder of his parents, Martha and Thomas Wayne. From that day on, he swore that he would do whatever it takes to prevent that tragedy from happening to anyone else. As a child, he travelled the world, picking up skills that would eventually help him fight crime. His first time trying to be a vigilante on the streets, however, almost got him killed. He needed something to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies and give him an advantage. What he needed, was a scary costume!

In 1939, Superman in Action Comics was a huge success, and the editors at National Comics Publication, which would later become DC Comics, wanted more super heroes to publish. A man named Bob Kane created a rough design called The Bat-Man, a hero with reddish tights and boots, and a small mask that only surrounded the eyes, called a domino mask. Not quite the Batman we know today. However, after some brief re-designing to include a cowl and cape and a new mask, the idea of Batman was born.

Bruce Wayne was born to Martha and Thomas Wayne in Gotham City, with a birthday that is debatable and has been changed through the many comics and movies that he’s been in; however, February 19 seems to be a common assumption. Bruce’s father was a highly skilled doctor and owner of Wayne enterprises, a frontrunner in the tech business. His whole childhood, Bruce was only given the best that money could buy, and he was loved dearly. 

After a trip to the movie theatre one night, Bruce and his parents were confronted by a mugger at gunpoint, a man who would later be identified as Joe Chill. Chill demanded the pearl necklace that Martha was wearing, and when she refused to give it to him, he shot both Bruce’s parents right in front of him. Social worker Leslie Thompkins was the case worker for Bruce after he was orphaned, and arranged for Bruce not to be put in foster care, but to remain on the Wayne estate and be raised by the Wayne’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Since that night, Bruce swore he would do something to rid his city of evil.

As he grew up, he had very few friends and mostly kept to himself. At the age of 14, he left to travel the world. He did attend courses at Cambridge and various other European universities, but would usually drop out after one semester. Despite this, he was a very intelligent man, and picked up many practical skills along his journeys, as well as educating himself in chemistry, criminology, and forensics. Some of the stuff he picked up was how to fight from world-champion boxer Ted Grant, traditional medicine from Nepalese monks, and hunting from the African Bushman. At the age of 20, he tried to join the FBI, but its rules and regulations held him back too much, and he learned he would never be able to rid the world of all its evil if he followed the law too much.

Upon his return to Gotham City, Bruce took to the streets to become a plainclothes vigilante, but it didn’t go exactly as planned. He wasn’t taken very seriously, and took a bit of a beating that first night.

Afterwards, as he sat tending to his injuries, he thought to himself, “how can I strike fear into my enemies and not have them laugh at me?”. At that exact moment, a large bat came crashing through the window of his study, startling him. Instant inspiration! So he sat down and designed the Batsuit, equipping it with all sorts of technology from his own enterprise.  The suit was made of a super strong synthetic material called kevlar, and even had its own built in electrical system to shock enemies as a last resort. It was perfect.

When he was all suited up and ready, Batman revealed himself at a dinner party of some of the most influential and corrupt people in Gotham City. At that party, he made the announcement that all their reigns on the city would come to an end. Because Batman was back in town.

And the rest of the story, you know the story  – because this is Before They Were Famous


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