Bethany Mota – Before She Was Famous

Before They Were Famous

Before Bethany Mota topped 9 million subscribers on YouTube.

Before Bethany became the first YouTuber to ever be cased on Dancing with the Stars.

Before Bethany Mota partnered with Aeropostale and launched her own clothing line.

Bethany Mota was a girl who had dreams of being a fashion designer and struggled with shyness and bullying at school.

Bethany Mota was born on November 7, 1995 in Moreno, California to her parents Tony and Tammy Mota. She grew up with a sister, Brittany and they were both homeschooled by their mother Tammy while growing up. Around 3rd grade, Bethany’s parents were slightly concerned that their daughter was too shy so they wanted to put her in an environment where she could make new friends. So at third grade Bethany went to public school. While hesitant at first she ended up making friends and acclimating to her new environment.

During her middle school years Bethany participated in cheerleading, acting classes, and dancing classes. Shortly after entering middle school she began being home schooled again. Around eight grade, when she re entered school she began to be bullied by her peers.

The incidents would stress her out so much that she would end up quitting her dance and acting classes. While looking for an outlet to reduce her stress she began her YouTube channel

During her early YouTube days, Bethany uploaded videos that were popular in the beauty and fashion section of YouTube. Those videos include “haul” videos in which she showed off her recent purchases, Make up-slash- beauty tutorials, as well as vlogs with fashion tips for girls her age. Bethany’s popularity in large part is due to how her content resonates with her audience. Her videos such as “You are not Alone” and “Confidence” resonate with her viewers and provide a means of comfort and motivation for them. Another major key for her success on YouTube is her consistent uploading and themed content.

During the months of halloween and back to school, she uploaded videos with fashion tips helped her channel grow by leaps and bounds. By October of 2012, she had earned 1 million While she does not publicly state how much she makes off of YouTube, estimates peg her earning at around 40,000 dollars per month. Not bad for a girl fresh outta high school. In 2013, she partnered with Aeropostale for her own clothing and accessories line for which she still holds creative control. She has kept busy apart from her YouTube channel and she has been a judge on Project Runway in 2014. Also in the same year, Bethany was a competitor on Season 19 of Dancing with the Stars.

Her and her partner eventually finished 4th after being eliminated in the finals. Outside of YouTube and mainstream media she has also given talks on anti-bullying campaigns which is a subject that she strongly advocates. As her channel nears 10 million subscribers it seems that she doesn’t plan to slow down any time soon and as for the rest, well you know the rest because this is Before They Were Famous!


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