Bobby Shmurda – Before He Was Famous

Before They Were Famous

Before the ShmoneyDance would blow up on Vine & take over the internet and nightclubs throughout 2014.

Before Bobby received mad respect from Jay Z, Beyonce, DJ Mustard, Meek Mill, Raekwon & had his work remixed by practically everyone in the industry.

Before Tom Hardy and Leo DiCaprio joked about a Bobby Shmurda reference being cut from The Revenant.

Before Bobby Shmurda would be sent to prison on conspiracy to commit murder, reckless endangerment, and drug and gun possession charges with bail set at $2 million dollars.

Bobby Shmurda born Ackquille Pollard grew up with roots in both the North & the South which would later go on to play a role in his artistic style. Growing up in Brooklyn, young Bobby had himself a case of ADD and was constantly finding himself in trouble getting into fights and kicking it with his older brother’s crew who were deeply involved in street life. This led to young Bobby himself getting in on the action.

When he wasn’t hustling on the streets he had made for himself a make shift studio in his home where he would remix his favourite tracks from artists like 50 Cent and Jay Z. But his street life would keep getting him in trouble with the law and he was sent to a correctional detention center for over a year. When he got out he put together “Hot Nigga” and as quickly as he was launched to fame he would find himself looked up behind bars and it looks like they are trying to throw away the key.

Bobby Shmurda was born Ackquille Jean Pollard on August 4th, 1994 in Miami, Florida to a Jamaican father and Trinidadian mother Leslie. In his early youth his father Gervase got locked up in prison on attempted first degree murder when Ackquille was just two months old. That’s when his mother decided to relocate with Ackquille and his older brother Javase to Brooklyn, New York. Grabbing a place in East Flatbush at 139 East 53rd Street.

Throughout his youth he would travel back to Florida on the regular to visit his father, their grandparents and uncle; while at home the boys would hang in the courtyard of their apartment complex with a boom box and practices their skills at rhyming. Their father had advised them of two things, to stay off the streets and to keep their circle of friends close. The later of which they listened to.

With their pals from the apartment complex they formed their own crew which would later be known as GS9. Which stands for “God’s Soildiers” or “God’s Sons,” and has also been referred to as “Gun Squad” or “Grimey Savage ’90s.” or even “G Stone Crips”. They all picked up nicknames, the brothers were the Shmurdas. Ackquille became known as Bobby on the streets, his brother Jaja.

The boys were obsessed with music, Bobby being the showman of the two and his ADD had him performing Michael Jackson dance moves everywhere he went. With some help from mom who worked in customer service for Verizon Bobby got his hands on a lap top and made his own studio in his bedroom. His specialty was to make remixes to his has favourite songs including 50 Cent, Jay Z, 2Pac, Biggie, Lil Wayne, Juvenile, and Trick Daddy.

‘The first song I remixed was Crime Mob’s “Knuck If You Buck,” at the age of 10.”

His work gained him more notoriety, he didn’t have to dance like Michael Jackson no more. He was regarded as a star in his community with everyone saying he belonged on TV but he didn’t put too much thought into it, instead he wanted to make money.

At school he was a notorious fighter and also smooth with the girls. Hanging with guys his brothers age he had to toughen up quickly. By the time they hit the ninth grade they were dealing on the corners and young Bobby got in on the action.

When he was 14 he witnessed the harsh reality of what him and his crew were up to when his close friend was shot at a graduation party, a murder that was never solved.

Then at 15 he found himself on the other side of the law on an assault charge and broke probation when he was caught smoking pot, this would be his first trip to a youth detention center. More members of GS9 would perish in street violence and Bobby himself would continue to get himself in trouble the next time on gun possession.

After fifteen months he came home and this time he was serious about his music, so was the rest of his crew; but the streets were hot and riddled with drugs and deaths. Soon there was a wire tap on the boys of GS9.

Bobby found a track produced by Jahlil Beats that had been used by Lloyd Banks for his track Jackpot in 2012. Bobby got a hold of Jahll Beats and dropped the track “Hot Nigga” as a digital download on July 25, 2014 .The song along with his ‘Shmoney Dance’ was absolutely everywhere.

Additionally, several unofficial remixes by various rappers the song has peaked at number six on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, and went Platinum.

Jay Z and Beyonce paid tribute to the Internet sensation during the New Jersey run of their On the Run tour with Beyonce doing the dance and Jay giving him a shout out. Meek Mill told him the two would soon hook up and brought Bobby up on stage as did Raekwon. Fabolous, Yo Gotti and Lil Durk have all reached out to Shmurda to collaborate and DJ Mustard hooked him up with beats.

But during all this success there was still a rat in his his crew and he was caught on tape talking about packing heat, fear off opposition. There were gun shots on his block and an arrest of his crew over gun charges but they were soon after released.

On the Fourth of July weekend 2014, Bobby Shmurda had his big coming-out party, opening for one of Meek Mill, in Miami. 

From there he took meetings with Rick Ross, Atlantic Records, RCA, he performed in front of LA Reid and his table of executives eventually deciding to sign with Epic Records for seven figures all before he turned the age of 20.

In November, Epic released its first Bobby Shmurda EP “Shmurda She Wrote”. He performed “Hot Boy” alongside GS9 on Jimmy Kimmel Live but before the year was out it would be all over

In late December armed police officers barged into Quad Studios arresting 13 GS9 members finding them with guns in their possession.

The charges against Pollard include weapons possession, conspiracy to commit murder and to commit assault, as well as possession of drug paraphernalia. With the cops having built a case on the group for having conspired to sell crack and murder rival gang members.

James Essig, head of the NYPD unit that made the arrests, said:

“Shmurda’s songs and videos although not something that could be used as factual evidence were pretty much a real-life document of what they were doing on the street.”

Currently he is still behind bars and bail has been set at 2 Million dollars, about ten times what it would usually be set at for these charges. Bobby Shmurda stands by his plea of innocence stating that he came from a nasty neighbourhood and people don’t want to see him make it out.

The rest of the story, we will have to wait and see, because this is Before They Were Famous.


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