Christy Mack – Before She Was Famous

Before They Were Famous

Before Christy Mack would appear in over 100 Adult Films, becoming a household name for her work found on websites similar to and being nominated for several AVN awards in 2014.

Before Christy Mack was nearly beated to death by her ex boyfriend MMA fighter War Machine.

Before Christy Mack would retire from appearing in adult films in 2015.

In highschool Christy Mack was described as not one of the girls who stood out at Columbus North High School in Chicago. She worked in a Gorilla costume holding a sign outside of a mobile phone store. She lost her virginity and got married at 18 and was later offered a gig as a nude tattoo model and left her hubby to embark on a new career at the age of 21.

Christy Mack was born Christine Mackinday on May 9, 1991 in South Chicago Heights, Illinois. Growing up no mention is made of a father figure in her life. Her mother is still close to her and supported her through her career in porn.

In high school one user on Reddit described her as not one of the girls who stood out nor was she one with a reputation with fooling around with any of the boys. She did however start experimenting with tattoo’s as early as 15, her first on her lower-back of a nautical star with sparrows. There have been many additions since, many she has designed herself.

She attended Columbus North High School graduating in 2009. After school she worked for Sprint, a telephone company where she would dance on the street in a Gorilla costume. On the upside of this shitty career she would get free fries from the Arby’s next store.

At 18 she lost her virginity to her boyfriend she had been with for over a year. The two were high school sweethearts and the two went out for dinner, returned to her moms house where Christy lit candles – the whole thing was over in 2 min – Christy recalls.

At 18 Christy also opted to shave the side of her head and adopt her signature Mohawk look. That same year she got married and became a stay at home wife, care-taking for her and her husbands dogs while he worked.

At 21, Christy was offered work as a nude tattoo model. Looking for adventure and purpose she left her husband and moved to Miami Florida. She booked Photoshoots for mainstream magazines including Rebel Ink and Inked Girls.

This progressed into work within in the adult industry quickly, she began dancing at Miami strip clubs and was soon appearing in adult films.

Christy has this to say about her early success:

“I came into porn at the exact time when nobody was like me—a very curvaceous woman with tattoos. Usually when you see a tattooed girl in porn she has no tits, no ass, she’s like a stick figure.”

Her first feature was with VIVID Entertainment in the Porn Parody The Dark Knight XXX where she played the comic character Zantanna.

She appeared in another porn parody of the Rambo film titled Rambone and as many as 150 other films.

In 2013 Christy would start to receive awards and recognition from her peers. She took away the gong of Best International Actress at the Berlin based Venus Awards. In 2014 Christy Mack was nominated for seven different AVN Awards including Best Group Scene, Best New Starlet, and Best All-girl Group Scene and won Most Promising Starlet as well as numerous XBIZ awards.

In 2014 she also started dating Jon Koppenhaver who had his name legally changed to War Machine in 2008. The name he used as an MMA fighter.

Later Christy reflected on the relationship:

“He became abusive about four to five months in, but by that time I was totally in love with him… So, so in love. The first time I thought, ‘Oh, it’ll never happen again.’.

Of course that didn’t happen and the couple would break up. In August of 2014 War Machine attacked Christy in her Las Vegas home leaving her with 18 broken bones, a broken nose, missing teeth, a fractured rib, a ruptured liver and a thigh bruise so deep she wouldn’t be able to walk for several weeks.

Christy has since retired from work as an adult film stars but still travels and tours meeting with her fans.

And the rest of the story, you know the story because this si Before They Were Famous.


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