Emily Ratajkowski (from Gone Girl & Blurred Lines) Before Fame

Before They Were Famous

Emily Ratajkowski (from Gone Girl & Blurred Lines) Before Fame

Emily Ratajkowski in Gone Girl

Before Emily Ratajkowski would parlay her modeling career into that of a movie star appearing in Gone Girl, We Are You’re Friends & Entourage.

Emily Ratajkowski in Blurred Lines

Before she would come on to the scene as “That Girl’ in the Blurred Lines Music Video.

Before Emily would show up with the 2016 Met Gala on the arm of married Youtuber Casey Neistat (Ney-Stat).

Before Emily she would appear on a short run on the Nickelodeon classic “iCarly”.

During her early years she grew up without television and was involved in ballet, soccer, and acting before she tried modeling. She was fortunate enough to travel from a young age with her family and see different parts of the world. In addition, her parents had no problem taking her to nude beaches as a child to which Emily says is one of the main reasons she is comfortable with the human form. Her parents were reluctant about letting her join the modeling world and would constantly decline offers by talent scouts. Eventually, Emily would be able to speak for herself and things progressed quickly with print and acting work but it was the one-day music video shoot that would have everyone asking, who is that girl Robin Thicke keeps calling.

Emily Ratajkowski Age/Born

Emily was born Emilia O’hara Ratajkowski. on June 7th, 1991 in Westminster, London, England. She was born to American parents and is an only child of British Isles, German, Polish, and Jewish ancestry.. Her father John David Ratajkowski was a painter and an art teacher. Her mother Kathleen was an English professor and writer that was in England under the Fullbright program.

During that time they met and conceived Emily who was born in the summer of 1991 in Westminster. At the age of Five her family moved to San Diego California, the same city the Ron Burgandy called home.

Emily always recalled that she felt that she never really connected with her classmates. During elementary school she recalled wearing a cape-like black sweater with black liner and Princess Leia buns. It was her way of saying I don’t fit in.

During her youth, Emily was fortunate enough to travel frequently to Europe. She spent many of her summers in Ireland and traveled to Spain as well. It was in Ireland that she had her first big adventure cow tipping and getting lost in a bog for hours. Two irish past times Michael has told me he has also taken part in.

During her time in Europe her parents had no problem taking Emily to nude beaches. The human form was not a big deal to them and the exposure to that as well as the art of her father prepared her for modeling during her later years, and if all failed I’m sure she would have been a really popular castaway on the show naked and afraid.

At an early age her parents did not want her to become a child-star model so they would decline any offers that came their way. Emily recalls that when approached by certain talent scouts, her mother would reply “She is going to be a brain surgeon!” Eventually though her mom’s dream would have to give way for Emily’s.

At a young age growing up in California Emily loved theater and acting. She would often perform plays for her family as a young child. Her first role was as Elsa in an adaptation of The Little Match Girl. in 2004 she played the role of Harriet Potter in Lyceum Theatre’s production of Harriet Potter and the Throne of Applewort.

It was shortly thereafter, at the age of 14, that Emily would get signed by Ford Models. During her time working for Ford Models, she did modeling for the teen print catalog for businesses such as Kohl’s and Nordstrom. Later on she would go on to appear on two episodes of iCarly.

Growing up without TV, Emily had stated that she had no idea what the show was about when she did the audition. A few years later she began her college education at UCLA and decided to model full-time.

Her slender fame, beautiful frame and ample bust made her a hot commodity and the work kept coming her way. She completed a large amount of campaigns and editorials with photographer Tony Duran. She also posed for several of the early issues of the artistic erotica magazine Treats. She credits the cover to getting her two high profile music video roles. She appeared in Fast Car by Taio Cruz and was also in Maroon 5’s Love Somebody.

Yup, that was her invisible paint body. Around this time Emily stated that she didn’t want to get pigeonholed as a music video girl so she would actively be looking for other jobs.

But soon after received the offer to appear in Robin Thicke’s blurred lines music video. Emily recalled that the entire thing sounded pretty crazy on paper. Her and her agent would initially turn down the part but after meeting with the director she decided to take the job.

Interestingly enough both the censored and uncensored versions of the video were shot in 1 day. The music video got her a lot of fame but it also brought its fair share of criticism. A large majority of people did not understand the video and accused Ratajkowski of being nothing more than a sex symbol. Emily responded by saying that she can wear what she wants, dance how she wants, and take whichever jobs she wants and still be a feminist.

From there Emily couldn’t go out in public without being recognized, she would go on to land roles in blockbuster films, walk every red carpet, be on the cover of many a magazine. Now I know what a lot of you boys are asking – are they real. Well I’ll this clip explain that situation.

And as for the rest, well you know the rest because this is Before They Were Famous.


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