Harambe – After He Was Dead

After They Were Dead

Harambe – After He Was Dead

AFTER Harambe was shot dead in May of 2016 after a young boy fell into his enclosure.

AFTER his death would cause global controversy with thousands of people supporting the zoo’s decision while even more sought to have the parents charged

AFTER Harambe became the Internet’s favourite Gorilla, spawning memes, videos, and songs

AFTER Azzyland played him as a character in GTA 5

Harambe was brought to the Cincinnati Zoo to get it on with some eligible lady-gorillas, but tragically after his 17th birthday was shot and killed to save a child that had fallen into his pen. After news of his murder got out, animal lovers and internet trolls around the world were quick to rally behind the 400 pound Silverback, and started movements from Justice for Harambe, to Dicks out for Harambe…

Soon the internet was flooded with meme’s, animations, videos and public outcry for our fallen friend.

Harambe was born in captivity on May 27 1999 at the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville Texas. He is a Western-lowland Silverback gorilla, a species that is deemed critically endangered by the World Wildlife Federation. As he grew, workers took note of his sharp intelligence and character. By the time he was a fully grown adult male, Harambe weighed in at over 400 pounds. In 2014 the young stud was moved to the Cincinnati Zoo for breeding purposes.

Sadly he wouldn’t get much personal time with his ladies because on May 28th 2016, a day after Harambe celebrated his 17th birthday, a 3 year old boy decided to take a dip in his enclosure. Parents Deonne Dickerson and Michelle Gregg acted, but were too late, and watched as their son climbed over a railing and fell in.

Harambe was faced with a situation unlike any he had encountered in his life before. Should he be afraid of this child, run away, or attack it? For 10 minutes people watched terrified, and though he never out-right attacked the child, he did drag him through the water. This forced the zoo’s dangerous animal response team to make a quick decision and in the end Harambe was shot with a rifle.

The child suffered serious injuries and was taken to the hospital. News of Harambe’s death soon spread after a report published in the SUN attracted the attention of Reddit. Footage of the fiasco was posted to YouTube and in 2 days over 12.6 million views had been clocked in.

Soon this unknown gorilla’s story had won over the hearts of the internet. A Facebook page ‘Justice for Harambe’ was made, and the hashtags #JusticeForHarambe and #RIPHarambe started trending on Facebook and Twitter.

People were genuinely saddened by the story and his death, and the circumstances caused a lot of controversy. Some went on a witch-hunt looking to blame the parents who were receiving death threats from around the world. Over half a million people signed a petition for the parents to be ‘held accountable for their actions of not supervising their child’. Others argued the gorilla was trying to protect the kid and the zoo could have tranquilized him instead.

But there were just as many who believed that the zoo had made the right decision. Even celebrities took to social media to throw in their 2 cents.

Then the tone started to shift from sincerity to comedy. There was the initial batch of memes that riffed off of police shootings and the ‘black lives matter movement’. Then on July 2nd, a user named Sexual Jumanji tweeted “We comin with them dicks out to avenge Harambe!”

The subreddit Dicks Out For Harambe was created a week later and encouraged visitors to go to the White House on July 16th, with their junk out in solidarity.

There was also this guy who made it onto a national broadcast with the sign ‘Bush Did Harambe’. Users doctored e-mails to look like Hilary Clinton ordered his death, and in Australia, people were pushing for ‘Harambe’s corpse’ to be an option during their election for Prime Minister.

Harambe slowly transformed from a dead gorilla to an internet sensation. Memes, songs, and tributes continued popping up by the thousands. Everyone from the Washington Post to the Huffington Times was publishing think pieces on the ape. But traditionally once memes catch on to mainstream media, they start to lose steam. Harambe however, is still going strong.

Yes the majestic gorilla’s absence will be mourned, and memed for weeks to come. But fear not Harambe fans! There’s still a chance for him to finish the job he started in Cincinnati. The zoo is reported to have some of his sperm in storage, so there is a chance for his legacy to live on, and maybe even be avenged! As for the rest of the story, well it lives on in that cup, because this is After They Were Dead.



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