Leafy Is Here – Before He Was Famous

Before They Were Famous

Before LeafyIsHere would inspire his ‘Reptillian Brotherhood’ to spam comment boards across the internet with his signature ‘Hisss’

Before his quick, no-hold- back rants would gain him over 1.6 million subscribers

Before LeafyIsHere put the spotlight on a YouTuber he called “The Saddest Man On YouTube” , and pissed him off so much the guy made a voodoo doll of Leafy and stabbed it in a response video


Calvin grew up in Utah to parents who struggled with drug addiction, and his father once tried to commit suicide. He turned to YouTube as a source of escape and support on his down days and shortly after started making his own videos.

Aside from his usual rants he also talked about his stories of drug use and advises his fans against following in his actions. His quick wit and crude rants and anecdotes gained him loyal followers, but maybe too loyal. One offhand comment in a video led to the ‘reptillian brotherhood’ spamming message boards across Youtube and Twitch platform to the point where people pointed fingers at Leafy.



Born on August 18, 1995 in Utah, not too much is known about Calvin’s real life. We don’t even know his last name. He has talked a little on his channel about his home life growing up and mentioned his parents had drug addiction issues and at one point his father tried to kill himself.

He turned to Youtube when he had down days to help him out. And now it’s him that’s helping others out.


In high school he started experimenting with drugs a little more and found himself drawn to the ‘badasses’ in high school. His elementary school friends seemed to be moving towards competitive sports but he wasn’t interested in any of that.

But he’s pretty self-aware for a young guy and doesn’t think he’s a good kid. He generally advises his fans against following in the same footsteps, almost like he’s talking to a younger brother, which makes sense since his fanbase is pretty young.


He created the LeafyIsHere channel when he was 16 and initially posted Fallout3 and Minecraft gameplay. Known to his fans as LeafyIsHere, LeafyIsBeefy, Meme Lord, Beef Cakes or Hiss Guy he started ranting over footage of him playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) which usually ends with Leafy promising to give some obscure item, such as a speedboat or a potato, to viewers who like his videos.

He quickly started making his daily uploads in this format and began incorporating more satirical content ranging from things found on the internet, making fun of people that post videos, and things that might be annoying to a 21 year old guy.

His crass, quick-talking humour catering to juvenile male gamers. His most popular videos are reviewing girl gamers, or as he refers to them ‘booby streamers’. He also like to highlight personalities on the internet, usually in a negative way, for example The Saddest Man on the Internet and The Most Ignorant Youtuber.

In a video he posted on August 14 2015 Leafy made a joke about YouTubers being reptiles that would spawn one of the longest-running, mind- boggling fan responses he had ever seen.

Between October 12th and 13th, the YouTube comments section was flooded with repetitive use of the Hisss, Reptilian Brotherhood, and Reptilian Army phrase. Most notably used on bigger YouTuber’s videos, Comments like these were almost always in the Top Comments section, even with minimal likes. Sometimes, the phrase would even turn to a form of harassment, or calling out certain YouTubers for not being as good as LeafyIsHere and saying they should be attacked or “overthrown”

It continued to grow and began to be spammed in numerous Twitch chats. When Streamers on Twitch would stream their chats would be flooded with “HISSSS…” and other forms of LeafyIsHere spam.

Some Streamers would go as far as to use Sub- Mode Only in their chats, meaning their subscribers could only chat. This however did not work as they expected because even the subs were in on the joke and would spam. Many Youtubers and Twitch Streamers have complained by tweeting to Leafy, some just poking fun and laughing at the spam, others were genuinely mad and wanting Leafy to control his fan base.

On October 13th, LeafyIsHere posted a response video to share his initial thoughts on the spam comments. LeafyIsHere also provided his own explanation as to why this happened on the DramaAlert video released October 14th, 2015


Alongside on October 14th, LeafyIsHere tweeted a similar message to address the backlash directed at him as a result of the spamming on YouTube; also commenting about how it was starting to act similar to a cult.

Even the infamous hacker group “Lizard Squad”, known for hacking PSN and Xbox Live multiple times once tweeted to Leafy with “hissing” multiple times, with the hissing becoming a small meme for his fanbase.

In January of 2016, Leafy uploaded a video called “The Saddest Man On YouTube”, where he talked about the YouTuber known as “MrBlackDarkness666”, a depressed man who always got harassed by other people, including smaller children, where the man would tell the children to kill themselves.

MrBlackDarkness666 saw it as harassment and uploaded a video titled “LEAFYISHERE GO FUCK YOURSELF”. In which he stated that MrBlackDarkness666’s significant other left him because she thought that Leafy’s video had a point and that MrBlackDarkness666 had to grow up, which ended up in an argument and his girlfriend leaving him.


Leafy responded with another video named “SADDEST MAN ON THE INTERNET” in which he claimed it was not a video for harassment and that he was sorry for him, but that it’s not Leafy’s fault that MrBlackDarkness666’s girlfriend left him. Drama Alert even interviewed the two live to try and sort out the fued. It ended with MrBlackDarkness666 asking for an apology from Leafy, which he did.

His fiercely loyal ‘reptillian brotherhood’ has put Leafy’s channel to over 1.6 million subscribers, and the rest as they say is HISSSSStory…because this is before they were famous.



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