Lil Yachty – Before He Was Famous

Before They Were Famous

Lil Yachty – Before He Was Famous

BEFORE Lil Yachty’s would drop two mixtapes in 2016 and find fame with his hit’s “Minnesota” & “One Night”

BEFORE Lil Yachty would model in Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 & would earn 1 Million dollars, enough for him to buy his mom a car.

BEFORE his original style and high pitched vocals and nasally voice would earn him comparisons to his own idol Andre 3000.

BEFORE Lil Yachty would lite it up with Ebro on Hot 97 FM

Lil Yachty or MC Lil Boat has said himself in interviews that his success happened over night. After attending college for two months and hating it because he didn’t fit in and feeling like the education system is stuck 10 years in the past young Miles dropped out. He needed a future so he poured his energy into making music, his own kind of music. It seems like things took off for him at the right time because he found himself in trouble with the law around the same time for shopping in Palm Springs with fake Credit Cards. He had to post bail of 11K with real money, not the funny money stuff this time. Now this dude has always stood out from the pact growing up loving old school Wrestling and looking up to artists that were different including Lil B, Soulja Boy & Andre 3000. He also opted for a Ronald McDonald hairdo at the age of 15. If you think he did it to be cool, he wasn’t getting any love from the ladies back in high school but things have certainly turned around for him.

Lil Yachty was born Miles Parks McCollum on August 23, 1997 in the westside Atlanta suburb of Mapleton. The son of a photographer who had worked with many of the biggest musicians in Atlanta and a mother, the one he recently bought a new car.

Growing up Miles father would share with him all sorts of different music, everything from Coldplay to Kid Cudi both of whom he still loves today as he got older he started to take an interest in artists who broke away from the norm and would pave their own path. Lil B I don’t give a fuck attitude he was mesmerized with. Andre 3000’s artistry and Soulja Boy’s come up story. Much of the rest of his childhood story remains a mystery.

While working at McDonald’s Miles attended Pebblebrook Highschool, there he would hook up with other aspiring rappers and producers. Together they would call themselves The Yacht Club and later The Sailing Team which led to Lil Yachty receiving his moniker.

The Sailing Team and the name Lil Yachty would work wonders cause a manager presented an offer for Miles to promote the clothing line Nautical perhaps that’s part of the reason his sound is now referred to as boat music. A Clothing hook up is not a bad start for a kid in high school, one that self admittedly didn’t have much game with the ladies. He opted to die his hair red at 15 just to be true to himself.

With some fresh gear and some ambition to make it in music Lil Yachty decided to spend his summer after graduating from school to network in New York city where he slept on a friends couch. He made a list of all the coolest influencers online including Ian Connor who took notice of Yachty’s Supreme coat and the two exchanged contact info. The summer was a success in terms of rubbing shoulders but he wasn’t making money off music and had no buzz. He soon ran out of money and when September came he attended Alabama state University to make his mom happy, but while there he wasn’t happy.

At school Lil Yachty was the focal point of ridicule, getting made fun of every time he left his room. It got to the point where he simply stopped leaving his room, it was then he started seriously writing his music. I dunno how serious I would consider his lyrics, but what I’m saying is that he was focussed and penned out “Hell O’s” & “Minnesota”. When he had to go outside he would wear hoodies in the blistering heat to cover his hair. After two months he had, had enough. Dropped out and hooked up with his boys back home to make the music thing happen.

Around this time he seems to have also gotten himself into trouble. A dude with his exact same birth date, birth name and signature hairdo were arrested in Palms Springs for shopping with fraudulent Credit Cards. His bond was 11K so I guess after that he would be back wearing Nautical for a little longer.

Lil Yachty hooked up with a producer and beat maker who was also feeling like an outsider with others not liking his work, a guy by the name of Burberry Perry and later his other main collaborator K$upreme. Together the three would get to work in Lil Yachty’s bedroom studio and he got his first taste of success when Drake’s OVO Sound Radio aired his hit Minnesota. Soon he was getting managed by Coach K and working out of the same Atlanta studio as Migos.

His big break came with his tack ‘1Night’ for which he filmed a pretty incredible music video stylized like a parody getting some help from his high school pals. When the video was done he posted it online and messaged it to all his New York contacts.

It quickly got a a hundred retweets,then five hundred retweets, a thousand, ten thousand, twenty thousand, hundred thousand, then it Worldstar, then Facebook. A million retweets, a million likes, a million hits, and then Chief Keef posted it, it went everywhere!

That buddy Ian Connor introduce Lil Yachty to ASAP Rocky who decided to take the young rapper along to New York for the Yeezy fashion show which ended up with Lil Yachty up on stage. He has since gone on to collaborate with all those he’s long looked up too like Lil B and Soulja Boy. Dropped two mix tapes, landed a deal and as work coming out with The Sailing Club.

And for the rest of the story, well you know the story becuase this is Before They Were Famous.


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