Michael McCrudden – Before He Was Famous

Before They Were Famous

Michael McCrudden – Before He Was Famous

Before Michael McCrudden would surpass 1 Million views on YouTube with his Before They Were Famous, After They Were Famous, Before They Were Dead & Other various series.

Before Michael McCrudden’s videos would get retweeted by the celeb’s he documents including DJ Khaled, Kendra Sunderland, Rae Schremmer, Alix Lynx.  Before he would have Deadmau5 say that Michael McCrudden does his homework & do collabs with likes of Furious Pete.

Before Michael McCrudden got his foot in the door on YouTube hosting InformOverload & iOTrendz which allowed him to feel some love from Russell Brand, Dr. Phil & Amy’s Baking Company.

Before Michael McCrudden would aspire to become an actor.

Before Michael McCrudden would meet his life long idol Jim Carrey and get to watch him in action during the filming of Dumb & Dumber To.

Meeting Jim Carrey was truthfully a life long goal for me, I mean I dressed up like guy each and every Halloween for like a decade. Later on I would aspire to achieve other goals like to become a host on a TV station like MTV.

Now that plan didn’t exactly work out but today I have you guys and a YouTube career which has allowed me to reach this goal on this amazing platform, but it didn’t happen over night, in fact I’ve been working in and around the entertainment industry for as long as I can remember.

You guys have long asked for a Before They Were Famous on me so to celebrate the 1 Million Milestone and we are gonna get that done. We try everyday to make these videos as informative & fun as possible, even if you don’t care for the person we document we still do whatever we can to keep you guys entertained. I wanna thank each and everyone of you no matter how far back or recently you subscribed to this channel, together we are doing big things and I have crazy and hilarious plans for the future. I also want to thank my team including Matt & Azzy, also Landon who introduced me to the wonderful world of YouTube and my family, actually my mom spent a week gathering these home videos and family photos for this video. 

What’s going on guys, my name is Michael McCrudden documenting my own life and career prior to 1 Million Subscribers, here for you on Before They Were Famous. I might mess up and tell this story in the third person, at this point, well let’s be honest it’s a force of habit.

Michael McCrudden was born on February 26th 1986 in Mississauga Ontario Canada. The youngest child to immigrant parents from Ireland Steve & Kathleen McCrudden, my father a Master Electrician and soccer fanatic my mother an estatition and a big fan of the catholic church.

The story goes that I am the most irish of all my three siblings,  because I was the only one conceived in Ireland. It happened after a Bruce Springsteen concert, how romantic!

Ya, but I was born in Canada. I was the youngest of four I quickly established for my self a reputation of being a menace and my parents couldn’t find enough events, hobbies or friends to keep me busy.

If they didn’t keep me occupied I would sneak out of the house and go knocking on peoples doors and windows looking for some action, the neighbours once found me out past midnight looking for a spontaneous sleepover, I was four.  I loved the Ninja Turtles, Dinosaurs, to draw and I also had a special song I would sing, it was titled “Jumping Dickies” and I would spend hours jumping up and down on my bed singing the only two words in the song, Jumping Dickies again and again and again.

My brothers are 8 and 12 years older than me and although I was a hell raiser they treated me quite well. My oldest brother would take me to the movies where I first fell in love with film seeing the Star Wars prequels, Star Trek, Tremmors, that dudes loves his Sci Fi. My other brother taught me about cars, computers, video games he also had this smoking hot girlfriend in highschool who taught me about the birds and the bees.

It was my sister Alanna four years my senior that I was closest with and still am today. Also my aunt Gibby, gotta give her a shout out as well. Me and her share the same birthday.

My parents enrolled me in a bunch of stuff but I spent the most of my youth playing Soccer, Modeling and then I did some Irish Dancing.They called me the next Michael Flatley.

I’m still known for doing an Irish Dance performance at every wedding I’m invited too. In soccer I made life long friends with my buddy Gareth Miller, in fact most of my buds from when I was in elementary school are still my closest pals today. Shout out to Ken Shapert, Shawksi, Chuck, Phil, Andy, Lucas, Ri chard, actually Richards little brother is the host of The Science FACTion Show.

So in school I was always a shit head. The teachers took notice pretty early on that my gifts lied in everything arts related. In grade five I was tested to be in the Challenge program and the special needs program – it was decided I was best just sticking it out where I was. The game changer for me was when I found performance and all through Elementary school, High School and into University I took the stage for each and every school play there was. One year I went to school dressed as Superman in a homemade costume and it wasn’t even Halloween, it was just my birthday.

I played the Cowardly Lion, King Louise the Fourteenth in the Three Musketeers, A Cross Dressing Teacher, Iago from Othello and Valentine from the Two Gentleman of Verona. I would roll you guys a clip but my brother recorded over most of them with more Sci Fi movies.

Through my childhood modeling I had won the title of Mr. Mississauga at the age of 5 which gave me some serious great street cred, throughout my youth I was always popping up on Television, appearing in flyers and actually made some pretty good bank before I was even a teenager. My sister was killing it as an Irish Dancer appearing on television as well. One St. Patricks Day she danced at Much Music headquarters, for those of you who don’t know what that is, well it’s essentially Canada’s MTV and when I got into that studio and on TV I knew this was what I wanted to do when I got older.

In high school I hung out with the jocks although I was the guy who Irish Danced and recited Shakespeare. I lost my virginity at 17 in an epic tale in which my mother walked in and beat us up with her shoe. I’m still hoping to film a re-enactment video of that, Amber has been cast to play the lucky gal.

My grade 10 math teacher once sat me down and said, Michael McCrudden you remind me of Peter Pan, the boy who just doesn’t ever want to grow up and she didn’t mean it as a compliment.  Throughout my childhood Jim Carrey was everything to me, I knew all his films, every line and would do impressions at family events, he represented to me a Canadian who came from very little who was so  talented and determined that nothing could stop him from taking over tinsel town. I also looked up to Eminem and later Russell Brand, from looking at my mothers tabloid magazines I took note that people loved baby photo’s of celebs and I myself would be very interested in the stories of celebrities before they made it. Brad Pitt drove strippers in a Limo. Terry Cruz was a custodian. Eminem worked at a dive restaurant as a cook. These people overcame the odds, so there was hope for me as well!

When it came time to go to University or College I knew that all I wanted to be was my own version of Jim Carrey while hosting television, but that wasn’t exactly one of the options in any school curriculum so I took some time off from school to save money and think about my future. I had also recently crashed my moms brand new car into the house by driving it through the garage so I needed to pay her back, it was then I started working at Giant Carpet where I would continue to work for almost a decade. It’s funny cause I actually grew up to look exactly like their company mascot. I was still modeling and was in a quassi anorexic mode obsessed with being bone thin. 

My high school teachers had it ingrained in my head that if I didn’t go to University I would be forever up shit’s creek for not having a diploma so I enrolled at McMaster University to study Theatre & Film, I actually got a small scholarship my first year – ya I couldn’t believe it either. In my classes I was a total outsider, the jock doing Shakespeare but I lit it it up with good grades again in the artsy stuff, not so much everything else. Outside of class, well I was a year older than most my peers and could buy booze so I quickly earned the title of party guy. One night I accidentally ran through a window and cut open my arm wide open, good thing there was a Hospital on site cause the Dr. said I could of died from blood loss, I still have a scar. Oh higher learning, I even picked up an award titled McMaster Hammer Head for the biggest party guy on campus. The next three years looked something like my TV Show Beer 4 Breakfast.

Over the summers I would travel to Dublin Ireland where I worked as a bartender, the plan was for me to explore my irish roots. Interestingly enough I worked at Ireland’s only Hip Hop bar, one night I got the number off a girl named Delicious which she certainly was. Back at school I had made some good friends shout out to Ben, Kyle & Gauer but after three years I knew I had done enough partying and enough Shakespeare in the park plays –and I had taken out a bunch of loans to pay for my education. It was time to face the music and for me to get a job, the exact same day I finished all my classes I remember seeing this on the news.

Finding a job, any kind of job was next to imposible and my Theatre & Film degree certainly wasn’t opening any doors. While my friends enjoyed their final year of school I was driving a delivery truck working 16 hour days making minimum wage with no overtime. My next gig was a huge step forward, I became a Production Assistant on Television Shows being filmed in Toronto – ahh I made it into show business… or so I thought. My job was to empty the garbage, fetch people Starbucks, photocopy scripts and keep my mouth shut at all times, again 16 hour days and you guessed it, no overtime. I actually earned more at Giant Carpet that year after high school so them high school teachers were way off.

I worked as a PA for three years, I remember one night shift where I could see actors filming a scene, they were my age and living their dreams, meanwhile I was locked in an office emptying bins. I was so unhappy, I felt lost and deterred I actually broke down crying.

From there I decided to do something about my situation, I didn’t know how, but I was gonna take a shot at my own future the one I had always envisioned. I got headshots taken, got an acting agent, began writing scripts and stories all while I held my job at the studio and with some luck I began booking some acting & hosting work.

I know, not too shabby. I also began making my first ever YouTube videos, there was the Tim Horton’s Rap Song.

You can still find all of those on my YouTube channel. I was also taking acting classes.

I even sent out an Audition Tape to get on The Real World

Over those three years I had booked a bit of work but nothing consistant and certainly not enough to put a dent in my ever growing student debt. So what did I do? I opted for more schooling and enrolled in College where I studied Television Writing & Producing, my thought was that if I can’t get working on a show I would learn to make one. It was in this program I met Matt Rubel who now works with me each and everyday.

Again, I was the Jock in the class, this time amongst many intellectuals but my ambition, desire and dedication allowed me to earn some respect from my peers. I left that program with three television shows fully developed which I pitched with reputable producers to Broadcasters. I have a scripted sitcom about an Irish & Indian family co-owning a pub in Downtown Toronto. There was Beer 4 Breakfast, a reality tv game show inspired by Jersey Shore and American Idol but based on my own finesses with college culture.

And finally Irish Reno, a renovation show in which my family members were the stars as they set out to build custom bars and pubs in peoples homes.

The shows were professionally pitched and then I waited and waited for my future to start, but none of those shows went anywhere, there was no constellation career either. From there I was pretty defeated. I didn’t have a dollar to my name. My long time girlfriend and I broke up, I was living with my parents deep in debt and I had essentially felt like a failure. All that hard work meant nothing to no one, trust me I had been applying to jobs relentlessly throughout this entire time – I don’t think I even ever managed to land a proper interview. Maybe it’s my hair?

From there I was screwed, I was reliant on Craigslist for work, I was moving furniture, I was an Uber driver and this was before Uber was even a thing – ya it was sketchy and I worked at a few bars, but the worst of it all was that I had lost hope!

During this time I returned to the life story of Jim Carrey, I re-read many biographies on him. How he was working as a Janitor alongside his family which was his rock bottom and he used that anger to push himself to get back on stage as a comedian. I began turning his life story into a pretty remarkable screenplay. What else was I gonna do? I didn’t have a job or any money.

Then one day on Craigslist I saw a post looking for a YouTube host. That’s when I met Landon and he was starting up Inform Overload – he filmed my audition tape, uploaded it to YouTube and it got 40K views overnight.

I was paid for my work, it certainly wasn’t a lot but I was in disbelief that there was actually money to be made making YouTube videos? Working at InformOverload we started out by filming three videos a week. Then ten, within two years I was filming 10 a day. I watched iO gain a following, surpass 1/2 a million subscribers and we built it’s spin off channel i.O. Trendz. All of a sudden I was being flown out to the Dr. Phil Show in L.A. and Russell Brand was poking fun at me. I met Jim Carrey on the set of Dumb & Dumer To and I later interviewed his sister here in Toronto.

I knew there was an audience and a career on YouTube but I needed to do it for myself. That’s when I turned that Jim Carrey screenplay into a Before They Were Famous video.

And the rest of the story, well you know the story, because it all played out here on Before They Were Famous, and you guys have been apart of it. I’ve been in front of many big companies and big players, but didn’t get the break until I found you and you found me, so thank you once again.


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