RiceGum – Before He Was Famous

Before They Were Famous

RiceGum – Before He Was Famous 

BEFORE RiceGum would collaborate with celebs like Montana of 300 and Mia Khalifa on his Twich stream.

BEFORE Ricegum roasted kids in his “These kids must be stopped” series, and had child celebs like Jacob Sartorius and Loren Gray try and throw some shade his way.

BEFORE RiceGum made fun of Travis Barker’s daughter, causing a big stink and getting him tons of coverage.

BEFORE Ricegum acquired 2.5 mil subscribers becoming the fastest growing YouTube channel in history earning the teenager some serious YouTube bank.

BEFORE Ricegum would be hanging out with YouTube superstars like Faze Censor, FazeRug, SsniperWolf, & FouseyTube.

Ricegum was born Bryan Le was living an ordinary life as a teen growing up in Las Vegas. He started playing Call of Duty on twitch and quickly gained a loyal following for his candid remarks, humor and trolling. Then when he came across videos of 4th graders doing sexualized lip-singing to pop songs, he decided to rant about it online…a decision that changed this ordinary teens life forever.


Bryan Le was born on November 19 1996 in Las Vegas. His parents are both Vietnamese and he grew up in a modest home along with his older brother and from this photo on Instagram it appears he has a younger brother as well. What was it like growing up Vietnamese in Las Vegas.

First Work

Like most young boys Bryan enjoyed playing with action figures, video games, and getting into trouble with his big bro. One day when he was 8 a neighbour asked the two boys to babysit their two young kids. They were going to give them both 20 bucks for a few hours, which at 8 years old, is pretty good coin. The two accepted and tried their hand at babysitting for the first time.

The parents dropped off the kids who proceeded to act like maniacs and run around the house. His older brother peaced out quick and locked himself in his room leaving Bryan to fend for himself. He managed to wrangle the trouble makers and fed them, then they started playing some Mario Bros.

While he was playing he lost track of one of the kids and couldn’t find him anywhere, Ricegum later told the story in a Call of Duty stream, this is actually his first video on YouTube.


His first paid job wasn’t going so well. Eventually he found the kid asleep in the garage. Moral of the story? Don’t ask RiceGum to babysit your child, although I bet nowadays he’s entertaining a whole legion of kids online. When Bryan was 16 he created his YouTube channel and Twitter under the name Ricegum and started posting gameplays of Call of Duty. He’s not a super-talented gamer, but what he lacked in that department he made up for with his sharp humour.

He started live-streaming every day and as he built up his fan base he started attracting big names to make appearances on his Twitch stream. Yeah, this guy was 18 and got Mia Khalifa to talk to him. He continued to game but found even more success when he posted his first roast video called ‘These Kids Must Be Stopped’.

Yeah I gotta agree with RiceGum on this one. No one wants to see a 4th grader posting up sexy vids. The video caused a whole lot of controversy, but gained him a ton of fans. Ricegum continued to target popular kids and adults alike in his ‘roast’ videos as he graduated high school and went on to the University of Las Vegas. His ‘diss’ tracks and response videos helped his channel to blow up, and it started doing so well, he decided to drop out of school to focus on YouTube.

In just 4 months time he went from 300 thousand to 2.5 million subscribers.

He has caught the attention of some of the biggest names in the YouTube game working on countless collabs but not all the attention has been positive.

On top of all this, he now has his own Before They Were Famous video. Let’s hope he doesn’t roast me.

As for the rest of the story, you know it because this is Before They Were Famous.


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