Rose Leslie – Before She Was Famous

Before They Were Famous

Rose Leslie – Before She Was Famous

Before Rose Leslie would play Ygrette on Game of Thrones and make Jon Snow question his vows when she showed him how she stays warm North of the wall.

Before their on-screen sexual tension turned out to be real when they announced they were a couple in early 2016.

Before Rose Leslie rubbed elbows with other A list leading men like Idris Elba, Elijah Wood, and Vin Deisel

Before the Scottish beauty went from a servant on Downton Abbey, to a fan-favorite on the biggest TV show in the world, bringing her net worth to 4 million dollars

Rose was born into a family that was head of their Scottish clan, and grew up in their 500 year old ancestral castle. Miraculously, she was the only red head in town, and learned to embrace her ginger roots from the start. In her teens she developed a wide range of athletic skills from archery to rock-climbing, and found she was able to pick up accents easily. It wasn’t long before she was acting in England and had the luck of getting cast on a small drama series, that went on to become a hit.

Rose Eleanor Leslie was born on February 9 1987 in Aberdeen Scotland. She has English, Scottish, French and Mexican ancestry. Yeah turns out her great-great grandad was the mayor of Mexico City and her Scottish family is actually a pretty big deal. Her father Sebastian was the chieftain of their clan and her mother Candida is descended from King Charles the 2nd. The girl grew up in the family home, which just so happened to be a castle.

She was the middle of five children and together they became a very tight-knit family. But being the only red head, Rose became very comfortable with standing out.

Her childhood was spent in the middle of the countryside, surrounded by nature. Her parents gave the kids a lot of freedom, and they would often wander through the hills for days. She enjoyed sports and picked up running, rock climbing, skiing, tennis, and archery.

She went to Rayne North School and Millfield School in Somerset. Her family then moved to France for where she went to an international school and became fluent in French. After 3 years they came back to their castle, but Rose left for London where she studied acting career at the Acadamy of Music and Dramatic Arts. During her 3 years there she starred in a ton of productions and mastered an impressive amount of accents, losing her northern accent in the process. The multi-talented actress even picked up a certificate in stage combat.

After graduating in 2008 Rose found success quickly. She got the role in the tv film New Town, and won herself a BAFTA award for best new talent. Afterwards she played the lead in a popular but infamous play called Bedlam in the famed Globe Theatre. In it she went balls to the wall, as her innocent country girl character was driven mad after losing her love, and committed to an asylum. The Scottish beauty was proving to be an incredible talent and her next role in a new historical drama would make her a superstar.

Downton Abbey aired in 2010, and gained a massive following, soon airing in North America. Her turn as Gwen, a determined and ambitious servant, gained Rose thousands of fans, and made her a top contender for new character on Game of Thrones. She auditioned for the part of Ygrette, but didn’t actually watch any of season 1 or read the book, and had no idea how big a deal Game of Thrones was.

It turns out all this time SHE was the one who knew nothing. As fate would have it, Rose got the part, and the rest of the story, you know the story because this is Before They Were Famous.


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