SSSniperWolf – Before She Was Famous

Before They Were Famous

SSSniperWolf – Before She Was Famous

Before SSSniperWolf would have over 3 Million Subscribers, 1.4 Million Instagram Fans, almost 2 Million Facebook fans and over 1/2 a Million Twitter fans.

Before her YouTube videos ‘Touch My Body Challenge’, ‘Show Me Your Tits’ & ‘She Flashed Me’ would clock in with Millions of views.

Before SSSNiperWolf would collaborate with RiceGum, Faze Adapt, Faze Censor & would get talked about by YouTube greats PewDiePie & GradeAUnderA.

Before SSSniperWolf would have a dude in a hood dedicate his channel to shaming and / or exposing her and calling her a fake.

SSSniperWolf was born Alia Shelesh but goes by the name Lia Valentine and was born on October 22, 1992 in the UK. She is the eldest of three siblings and is of Turkish and Greek decent.

From the way she speaks of her parents her mother seems like a lovely women who Sssniper has stated is a Chemical Engineer, her dad on the other hand sounds like a bit of prick. In her July 11, 2016 video she details her father recently placing a restraining order against her Sausage after they took her mother on a beach vacation.

Now she can’t be too upset with Daddy because he’s actually responsible for purchasing for her a Playstation 1 when she was just a kid, her first game was Jam Pack, a disc for the ps1 that had demos of different games including Metal Gear Solid. This game would become her favourite which would later inspire her name Sniper Wolf after one of the games main character.

Early on in her life her family decided to make the move from a cramped England apartment to good ol’ US of A. She currently resides in Arizona so let’s assume her family moved there. She had a hard time fitting in at school and making friends, in a few videos she recalls stuffing sand in another girls face, so perhaps this is why she was hard up for pals. She became obsessed with Anime loving TV shows like Pokemon & Digimon. She got her hands on a Pikatchu teddy bear and took it with her everywhere she went. From what I can tell the girl was also an artist cause she’s still a brilliant drawer today.

SSSniperWolf states that throughout her childhood the boys that she fancied were only anime characters, but then, finally in the 7th grade she fell for a real world boy who had long hair and a face full of pimples, she did what she could to get his attention but he rejected her. Later, her first boyfriend was in a band, another fella with long hair who tried to kiss her but she turned him down so he moved on to a bigger girl, a much bigger girl.

Later in life that guy regretted his decision and decided to send her some nudes which is never a good move.

Throughout school Lia stated in her Draw My Life and Ask SSSniperWolf #19 that she also got into a lot of brawls growing up in middle school and high school. In fact she had to switch school. Ya, she’s deffo not the type of chick you wanna mess around with. She also listened to the band Avenged Sevenfold.

She learned young the power of running an online business and took her savvy for comic books and video games buy purchasing action figurines and selling them online. She also fast tracked through high school likely because she was still getting into all sorts of fights, one time a girl chased her into a bathroom and pulled her hair and smashed her in the head.

After completing school Lia was on to Community College and then transferred to a University where she studied to become a Nurse or a Pharmacist, but that wasn’t the only career she was working on.

SexySexySniper / Cosplayer Girl

When she wasn’t doing her studies she was also getting involved in the world of Cosplay and on YouTube with her original channel under the name SexySexySniper and a Cosplayer.

Now we need to take into consideration the fact that this girl was only 18 or 19 when she started recording herself to the world. Getting a channel off the ground and building a following takes a shit ton of work, and sex certainly sells. At the times it seems she was working at Hollister folding clothes which so although some people give her shit for people a tease.

She dropped out of school after two years because she was making more money online that she would if her traditional career panned out. Her videos began gaining attention including from members of the MGO Clan. One game player certainly took an interest in her, a Call of Duty stud who went be the name Xrememberance… but we all know and love him today as Sausage.

Together the two would hit it off at Comic Con, now there are a million YouTube videos of people calling the pair out on using his gaming skills and her mass appeal to team up and make the ultimate gaming channel. These are rumours. I am not saying this is true but if it is I agree with them that it was a pretty savvy business move.

The real crazy stuff happened in July of 2013 when the pair were allegedly arrested for Armed Robbery.

The photo’s themselves say innocent until proven guilty. Also we are talking about a couple who first met at Comic Con while dressed up as players from Metal Gear Solid. I’m gonna give them the benefit of the doubt that this was some all big misunderstanding.

The SSSniperWolf channel was launched in January of 2013 initially pumping out a ton of Black Ops 2 game play videos in which she was ridiculously good, also they were best of, but didn’t even appear that she was playing in the videos. Regardless business was picking up, her and Sausage could afford to move out. Besides game play she would begin to share stories from her life with gameplay, answer fans questions and all that good stuff you know and love her for today.

As for the rest of the story, well you know the story because this is Before They Were Famous.


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