Stitches – Before He Was Famous

Before They Were Famous

Before Rapper Stitches would opt to have some Joker inspired scars tattooed into his face and would invite his fans on stage during a concert in Lake Worth Florida to enjoy with him some lines of Cocaine mid performance.

Phillip Katsabanis — AKA Stitches it appears there are two variations when it comes to his life story. There is the multiple arrests as a minor and the big living drug dealing escapades starting at the age of 14 that he wants us to know about. But there are many holes in his story with his principle shooting down his claim that he knocked him out back in the day leading him to drop of school. Also his claims to riches have been debunked by fans going public that his 10K gift filmed and posted via Instagram was a hoax video and the fan actually only received $100 dollars. So who really is rapper stitches? The tattoos on his face are in fact the real deal. Apparently the dude loves himself one too many Batman movies.

Born on June 17, 1995, Phillip Katsabanis is the youngest of three brothers in a family of Cuban and Greek descent.

He was barely 1 year old when his parents, Esther and Alexander, broke up. It was a simple divorce either with his mother receiving a permanent restraining order against her estranged husband who by all Intel has been referred to a pretty deadbeat dude.

Phillip and his older siblings, Dimitri and Alexander Jr., led a relatively normal suburban life growing in North Miami Beach Florida.

Their mom is a health insurance broker raised her boys in a two-floor, three-bedroom townhouse. She’s remarried twice never finding a suitable man divorcing last of the three in 2006.

Growing up young Phillip was the entertainer of the family, very close with his brothers and huge fan of singing and dancing.

Through Stitches rap he shares with the world that he was first introduced to cocaine at the age of 11. Lil Phil, which was the name he was going by around this time attended G. Holmes Braddock Senior High School. He would travel around to other schools to rap battle the other students building up a bully reputation with few taking a liking to him.

He publically stated that he knocked out his principle during his first week as a freshman, a story that the principle himself debunked and confirmed he knew the student in question.

By 14 he was full blown drug dealer handling large orders. Enough it allowed him to move out of his mother’s house, relocate to South Beach, and rent penthouses and drive exotic cars. To cover the leases he stated that his older girlfriends at the time would sign the paperwork.

He dropped his first music video filmed on a camera phone at the age of 15 titled “My Name Lil Phil”.

He has stated that he was arrested 10 times as a minor but won’t confess the charges. Court document state that at 16 he received probation for an unspecified crime.

That’s when he decided to switch things up and do something different, Steve Santacruz, owner of Empire Tattoos gave the then 16 year old the stitched smile around his lips, followed by the AK – 47. Why these tattoos? stitches tattoo is a metaphor for his strong belief in the old rap adage that “snitches get stitches.”

Although it makes he himself look like a snitch it’s supposed to be a message to those who snitched on him.  As for the gun, well he did that one a whim cause it’s his favourite weapon.

His brothers were breaking the laws with their own cellular phone schemes while Stitches continued to sell blow. He would rack up a crew of buddies who worked at boxing clubs, tattoo parlours and modeling agencies. Eventually he would connect with those who were infused with the Miami music scene and produced his mixtape No Snitching Is My Statement.

On October 31, 2012, he married Erica Duarte a little lady 11 years his senior who was once a contestant on the first season of MTV’s Paris Hilton’s My New BFF.

After spending a reported $40,000 on studio time and video production Stitches dropped ‘Brick In Yo Face’ via Within 6 days it had racked up 6 million views.

Following this success Stitches states that he is no longer able to continue his work as a dealer with the FEDS watching him, and he now must focus on his music. He makes club appearances for $5,000 – $10,000 a night and keeps busy on social media.

But many have been quick to call him out on his boasting of financial prosperity with one fan finding his gold chain and reporting that pawn shop turned it away as a fake. Another girl was roped in to celebrate him gifting her 10K, all of which he took back when cameras stopped rolling and instead gave her $100 for her secrecy. When he goes car shopping the car salesman are quick to turn to the press stating that he doesn’t have enough to cover the downpayment.

Also the man was picking beef with the game for months prior to the now infamous knock out.

And the rest of the story, well we’ll have to wait and see what happens next, maybe some new tattoos. 


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