Wolverine – Before He Was Famous

Before They Were Famous

Wolverine – Before He Was Famous

BEFORE the Wolverine would become known for using the catchphrase “Bub” & the noise is claws make when they show up to fight.

BEFORE Hugh Jackmon would take on role of Wolverine first in 2000 and continue in the role into ten different films.

BEFORE Wolverine would become blood brothers with Spiderman after the two traveled through time together and lifelong enemies with Sabertooth, Omega Red and Silver Samurai to name a few.

BEFORE Wolverine was a member of The Canadian secret Government & joined the super hero team Alpha Flight.

Due to Wolverine’s ability to heal it has actually slowed down the aging process that this dude has been around a long long time. He’s well over a 100 and has lived many a different life, fighting in many a war. He fought in World War 1, World War 2 where he met Captain America, he also fought in the Vietnam War and it is believed that he trained as a Samurai in Japan. It wasn’t until 1974 that Wolverine made it into the pages of a Marvel comic and initially he was a villain fighting against the incredible Hulk. Marvel knew they had a massive Canadian fan base and they wanted to create a hero for their neighbours to the North but early ideas had him being an evolved humanoid from that of an actual Wolverine – like animal.

As a Canadian I’m proud, I’ll take Logan over Steve Rogers 8 days a week. Oh ya and if you think Hugh Jackman is the perfect Wolverine he’s way too tall for the character and initially there were plans to have the late Bob Hoskins to take on the role.

Wolverine was born James Howlett in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada, sometime between 1882 and 1885, a couple of weeks before the 19th of April. The son to Elizabeth Howlett who was the wife of a wealthy man and his father Thomas Logan was the groundskeeper. The pregnancy was illegitimate. He grew up rich but was a sickly boy who suffered from severe allergies, he was also often beaten by his Grandfather as a means to toughen him up.

The character of Wolverine was created by Marvel writer and editor Len Wein and Roy Thomas, with artists John Romita Sr. & Herb Timpe adding their depictions. Many other writers and artists contributed to his look and tale over time. Marvel realized in the early 70’s that there was a huge market in Canada with fan boys buying their mags so Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief at the time, Roy Thomas asked Len Wein to cook up a character that would be a true Canadian hero. Two options were given, the Badger or The Wolverine. I would of personally liked to have seen a Moose but whatever. The backstory for Wolverine wasn’t set in stone out the gate and has continued to evolve backwards as the character moves forwards.

He had two childhood friends, an Irish girl named Rose and unknown to him his half brother named Dog who was a mess cause his dad, Wolverines biological father Thomas Logan was a drunk. When Thomas was fired he hit the bottle hard and killed Wolverine’s father in an attempt to kidnap Wolverine’s mother but the whole thing ended in a blood bath when young Wolverine discovered his mutant powers killing his biological father and scratching Dog’s face with his bone claws. His mother killed herself minutes after this all played out, she was never a real happy women.

From there young Wolverine fled with his only companion Rose. The two moved to British Columbia where they pretended to be cousins and he adopted the name Logan to hide his true identity, at least he got something out of his pops. His mutant powers developed as he worked laborious jobs and for extra cash as a bartender, I’m sure he was the bouner there as well. Years passed and Logan was in love with Rose but the two were “cousins” so there wasn’t much he could do about it. Then Dog showed up one day jacked as all shit looking for revenge but during their brawl Logan killed Rose. It was then Logan decided that he wasn’t fit to live amongst people, so instead he would live like an animal, this was around 1907.

He found some piece living amongst a pac of wolves but not much. An experiment by mad man Nathaniel Essex set a vicious polar bear loose in the Canadian wilderness which attacked and ate his pac of wolves so Wolverine fought and killed the bear. When the bears body was discovered a search was started for whoever or whatever killed it. Logan was captured and experimented on, his healing power was remarkable and Essex would tear Logan apart from the inside to watch him heal the unthinkable. Logan eventually escaped and from there it was time for some travel, along the way he loved many a woman and father seven children unknowingly. Sound’s like that’s another super power or maybe he just hated using protection!

He traveled the world as a drifter for many years, initially to California than as far out as Madripoor, Japan where he would sharpen his fighting skills as a samauri. He fought in both world wars, it was there he crossed paths with Captain America. Then he servered as a secret agent for the Canadian government and it was them who laced his skeleton with Adamantium – the strongest metal in the Marvel universe, this was through their Weapon X program.

They also attempted to control his mind through brainwashing which only scrambled his memory which was already fucked up since his healing powers would remove all past traumas.

He crossed paths with James MacDonald Hudson & his wife Heather housed the animal and brought back his humanity. Hudson a scientist himself dreamed of the ‘Wolverine’ to become a hero like the Fantastic Four and stitched him his first suit. The scientist was inspired to form his own Canadian hero team which he titled Alpha Flight, and made Wolverine his learer. Other of the founding members included Groundhog, Saint Elmo, Smart Alex, Snowbird, Stitch, and Wild Child.

There was another love in Wolverine’s life, a native indian woman he fell in love with out in the Northern parts of Canada, together they found some piece until Sabartooth showed up and raped and killed Logan’s bride to be on his birthday. I got a feeling Sabertooth is Dog – don’t you?

Like most talented Canadian’s America came a calling and Wolverine was recruited by the X-Men & Professor X soon after his first Marvel appearance Vs. The Hulk. In Wolverines first comic book appearance his original powers were his agility and his healing ability, his claws were simply part of his costume but they would change this as well as lengthening the points on his mask.

Wolverine was happy to leave government supervision and found for himself a true home. His bad boy attitude won over few initially but he quickly became one of professor X’s strongest and most loyal members.


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