Yanet Garcia – Before She Was Famous

Before They Were Famous

Before Yanet Garcia would be known as “The World’s Sexiest Weather Girl”.

Before Yanet Garcia would amass over 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

Before she went on to date Doug Censor Martin, a professional call of duty player and member of Faze.

Yanet has men and even women all over the world drooling over her weather broadcasts. People don’t even care that she’s covering local forecasts or that they can’t understand a word she’s saying. Everyone is mesmerized by her beauty.

An aspiring model turned meteorologist Yanet was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Finding it hard to break into the crowded world of print and runway she went to school for journalism as well as meteorology. She would fulfill her dreams of being on camera landing a full time gig with her local station Televisa Monterrey.

She would also catch the eye of one American YouTuber and together their love story is one of the most touching you will have ever heard of in the modern day and age.

Yanet was born on November 15, 1990 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Little is known about Yanet’s personal life as she likes to keep things professional but it seems that she had always dreamt of a career in front of a camera. As young as 19 Yanet made her first television debut in a competitive game of Volleyball.

Sadly she didn’t win that game but she did make some industry contacts. Following this appearance Yanet entered into Nuevo Leon’s Nuestra Belleza contest. This contest served as the preliminary contest for Mexico’s Nuesta Belleza Contest and the winner would have gone to the national contest as the delegate for Nuevo Leon.

Sadly Yanet didn’t win again, but she learned so much about the world of modeling and beauty pageants that she decided set up her own modeling school in her hometown known as Yanet Garcia Models.

In the modeling school that bears her name, she personally trains aspiring models in both runway, print and for beauty pageants.

She then landed the job as meteorologist for the news program: Televisa Monterrey. She gained popularity on the news program for reporting the weather in her form-fitting mini dresses.

She has said that people have long asked her how she got her body. She attributes it to good genetics but she also puts in her fair amount of work. In the past she has been known to do a large amount of jogging, boxing, and frequent visits to the gym.

Before going live during her weather reports, Yanet customarily tweets a picture of her outfit to her twitter followers. Also, since many of her fans are unable to watch her weather reports live, she uploads them to her personal YouTube channel.

Some of her most popular videos have received in the upwards of 3 million views. Her content typically revolves around her Weather Broadcasts for Televisa Monterrey. While she has received multiple offers from the US, UK, and Canada, she has stated that she puts her heart into her work and enjoys her job in Monterrey.

Shortly after you went viral in the middle of 2015, professional call of duty player FaZe Censor took notice. Faze Censor, whose real name is Doug Martin, was getting ready to record some Call of Duty videos with his friends when one of them linked him to a video of Yanet. After watching the video, he uploaded a video called “Im in Love”. In the video he calls Yanet “The most beautiful girl he had ever laid his eyes on.”

During the video he stated that he followed her on twitter and asked his subscribers to tweet at her asking her to follow him back. After which point, she did. After some exchanges over twitter, Doug was on the next flight to Mexico. As of today they have been dating for about 7-8 months and dudes everywhere are insanely jealous of Doug.

Now Yanet is featured regularly on his YouTube channel which is close to breaking the 1 million subscribers mark. Most of the videos involve her showing Doug around Mexico and Doug having an aversion to Mexican Beans.

Yanet continues to work for the same news station and is constantly receiving dresses from different designers to wear on air. As she continues to work at the same news station, there seems to be no slowing down for the World’s Hottest Weather Girl.

And the rest, well you know the rest because this is before they were famous.


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