Top 5 Nude Beaches Around The World


We don’t know why Nude Beaches are so popular, maybe because of the freedom or because that way we don’t hace tan lines, but we know people like them and we picked our Top 5.

  • In the number 5 we have WRECK BEACH located in Vancouver Canada, it’s the oldest and largest clothing optional beach in the country and it was even nominated to be one of The Seven Wonders Of Canada. It doesn’t get overly crowded because there’s no road access to the beach, this means that you have tons of privacy, well, except for the vendors that walk around selling you stuff, by the way this vendors, just like the other people are semi nude.
  • In the number 4 we have SAMURAI BEACH in Australia and unlike in Vancouver this beach is open all year, Samurai is clothing option, but don’t wear it and just because it’s call Samurai it doesn’t mean there’s actual Samurais wandering around because nudity and katanas don’t mix very well.
  • In the number 3 we have GRANDE SALINE BEACH in St. Barths and again this one is optional but nudity is the norm for most tourists. The left and right sides of Grande Saline tend to segregate by straight and gay visitors, respectively. It’s a massive beach and and you can choose to mingle with the crowd or be a naked loner.
  • In the number 2 we have PLAGE DE TAHITI in St. Tropez, France. The beaches of St. Tropez are famous for pioneering the topless sunbathing craze of the ’60s and this one is a well-known celebrity haunt, so you might get the chance to see Leonardo DiCaprio and his supermodel girlfriends in the nude.
  • In the number 1 we have PRAIA DO PINHO in Brazil it’s considered the first naturist beach in Brazil, nudity is mandatory at this beach and they also have a very smart rule: no unaccompanied man are allowed at the beach and on top of this there’s an inn and cabins for rent on the beach.



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