Top 5 Strange Mia Khalifa Facts


The world of adult film has never seen anything as the success Mia Khalifa found over night. She went from flipping burgers to be the tip of everyones talk thanks to her work on sites producing content similar to that of TubeV, and here are 5 strange Mia Khalifa Facts.

  • In number 5 we have her NEW TATTOOS, she opted to show her respect for Batman by having a Batman Logo and twitted Batman Forever.
  • In number 4 she had the opportunity to make the leap into REALITY TV in the indian version of Big Brother that is known as Bigg Boss, the producers of Bigg Boss were desperate to have Mia Khalifa join the show for season 9 but Mia answered this via Twitter:

“Let’s get something clear: I am never stepping foot in India, so whomever said I have “show interest” in being on Bigg Boss should be fired.”

  • In number 3 we have that she is SPORTS MAD she also stated that she was de unofficial mascot for the Florida State Seminoles, the college football team of the Florida State University. When it comes to the NFL her team is the Washington Redskins, when it comes to the NHL she cheers for the Washington Capitals and she’s even into some weird sports like lacrosse.
  • In number 2 Mia was not very supportive of one CAITLYN JENNER when she transition from that of Bruce Jenner. After the Vanity Fair cover was released Mia was quick to hit up Instagram stating:

“My man Bruce went from paying $20 to get in the club to free before 11:30.” and “Beware of the Decepticons, Gentlemen!”

On the other foot she got pissed at the media when they were refereeing to Lamar Odom as Khloe Kardashians’ husband, when he was in the hospital and she commented a tweet that said:

“His name is Lamar Odom. And we knew it. Long before he got married on a tv show we don’t watch.” Thank you @notthefakeSVP. Needed to be said.

And for this she was applauded.

  • The number 1 is about Mia Khalifa CHANGING THE INDUSTRY because unlike most girls in porn, Mia doesn’t allow the sexuality to take over Instagram or Twitter. Seriously she really would prefer to talk about sports. On top of all this she doesn’t work that often, she was bragging that she only works 12 times a year.

Her success is something the porn industry hasn’t seen before, it’s mainstream media pushing her out and having us talking about her and more people even fantasizing about her.



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